Improve Your Career Prospects in Three Steps

Our career makes up a huge part of our lives- in many ways it’s integral to who we are. There’s a reason why people ask ‘what do you do for a living’ as a way to get to know a someone when they first meet. It gives many clues about the kind of individual they are. When we spend so much time in our working week, it’s important that we get some enjoyment or satisfaction out of what we do, and if you feel stuck in your role chances are you feel trapped and unhappy, but there are ways out. Here are three steps you can take towards getting the job of your dreams.

Improve your education

Improving your education is one of the best ways to boost your employ-ability and career prospects. Having a degree opens the door to many kinds of jobs which would otherwise be firmly closed. If you already have a degree, further education can set you apart from other candidates and can mean you can walk into a job that’s higher up and higher paid right away. Going back to university is one option, depending on where you live and your situation you could be entitled to a student loan to help cover costs and make things easier. Things like military spouse benefits are worth looking into if your partner is in the army, they often include things like education and scholarships. Otherwise, online colleges and universities often allow you to spread the cost and you can study in a flexible way, from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve already got your degree, you can get a diploma (or equivalent qualification) in less than six months from home, and it’s something you can study around raising kids and/ or a full time job.


Volunteering looks great on your resume, it’s something employers like to see. Volunteering for a good cause shows you’re a well-rounded individual who is caring and happy to help others. You could spend an hour or two at your local soup kitchen, women’s refuge, animal shelter or children’s hospital each week. Or you could volunteer in a work placement that’s linked to the role you want, which shows you’re serious about learning and reaching your goals. For example, if you’re studying criminology you could volunteer with the police, courts or prison system. If you’re studying nursing you could volunteer at a hospital. Have look and see what kinds of opportunities are available that fit with your passions and will also be viewed favorably by employers. It’s a chance to do good in the world, or just build your skills and experience. We all know how frustrating it can be when jobs require a certain amount of experience- it can have you wondering how you can possibly get this without being offered a job in the first place. Volunteering is the answer.

Take up an interesting hobby

You wouldn’t think that hobbies and work were linked, in fact, in many ways they’re complete opposites. However, if you’ve been on many interviews it won’t have escaped your attention that employers always ask about your hobbies, and there’s a good reason for this. Hobbies can give clues about a person, the sort of things they enjoy can provide insight to their skills, ability and character traits. Always choose to list hobbies that complement the job you’re applying for. For example, if the role requires a candidate to be level headed and avoid risk, you wouldn’t want to put a high adrenaline motor sport or other hobby that suggests that risk is something you enjoy. Team sports are always good since many roles require teamwork, and logical hobbies such as chess and other strategy based games can be good. Have a think about what kind of traits employers in the field you will want to get into will be looking for. Then take up hobbies that showcase these skills, it’s a fun way to try something new and as a bonus it can help you to stand out from other candidates when you’re applying for jobs.

Improving yourself and working on self development in general is helpful. Anything you achieve, be sure to put this on your resume.

What steps are you taking to snag the job of your dreams?

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