Lockdown Blues? How To Get Back On Track

Lockdown has been a tough time for so many this year. Life has stopped and things haven’t been what they were. One of the biggest issues most people have felt is a decline in their mental health. Depression and isolation, as well as anxiety have been some of the main players, and it is likely because your lifestyle changes so much. However, don’t let the lockdown blues get you down. You can get back on track and start to feel like your normal self once more. With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about to help you feel more yourself again. 

Focus on your diet and fitness levels 

One of the first things that you could do would be to focus on your diet and fitness levels. In lockdown many people actually improved this area of their lives but a lot fell into the habit of drinking too much alcohol, eating all of the wrong things and generally not taking care of themselves. It is easy to do. But it is also very easy to break the cycle and bad habits. Start drinking more water and taking better care of yourself. Your diet can be made healthier by using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch, even in the winter casseroles filled with vegetables are really good for you. Last of all, make sure you start to implement exercise into your life each day. Whether that is a walk or you start home workouts or runs. The more you do, the more you will feel better about yourself, inside and out. 

Step into the world of relationships and dating in a new way

Lockdown has meant that many people, especially if they were single, have become isolated and felt loneliness like nothing before. After all, with pubs and restaurants closing and the usual places you might meet someone, not to mention social distancing rules, it has meant that things in that area were placed on hold. But now it might be time to start thinking about it again. Whether you explore men phone chats, virtual dates on zoom or skype or even dating apps, why not step into the world and dating in this new normal world we find ourselves in? It could help you to start feeling more confident about this area of your life and also perhaps develop a few lasting friendships and even a relationship. 

Consider your mindset and the things you can change

Finally, your mindset is one of the biggest things that may have been affected by lockdown. You may have felt down, isolated, anxious or even depressed at times. All normal reactions to what we have been through. But, it doesn’t have to remain this way. You can start to make some changes to your mindset by meditating, yoga, or even daily gratitude reflection. There is a lot to be thankful for. More so than ever before right now. So take the time to reframe your mind into something more positive once again. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to get back on track after lockdown.

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