Not Sure What To Watch On TV? Here’s A Handy Guide To Help

It’s the question that can divide friendships and end relationships. The one with no set answer. The one that takes hours to solve.

“What do you want to watch tonight?”

You’ll bandy around suggestions, halfheartedly scrolling through the TV guide or content library. You might hover over a trailer, but shrug your shoulders and move on. One of you wants to watch something scary, the other a comedy. Hours have passed and bedtime approaches. What you wanted to be a nice, relaxing evening in front of the TV has turned into a snappy debate, cancelling out each other’s suggestions.

So, this guide is here to help. Whether you’re planning a big movie night, or you just want to crash out on the couch after work, use these suggestions to find the right show for you.

Listen to the hype online

All the big shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime hit the news every time they release a new series. And there’s reason for it: they’re always superbly written, brilliantly shot, and aren’t short of a budget. You might turn your nose up at these shows, thinking that either they’re too far down the line, and you’ve got too many seasons to catch up on, or that the hype is too much, and they won’t live up to the expectations.

Similarly, a lot of the big shows might not be available in your country. Luckily, there are ways around it. You can access content from different countries by using a different VPN. And don’t worry that Netflix has cracked down on it – once you know how to bypass Netflix proxy rules, you’ll be able to get back to watching your favourite shows. Likewise, there are plenty of old classic shows on different countries’ Netflix libraries. From Friends to The Office, it’ll mean you can crash out with fab re-runs.

Make use of the ‘Recommended for you’ feature

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime use great ‘Recommended for you’ features. They’ll analyse what you enjoy watching, and recommend new and old shows for you to try. And this is where setting up different user profiles comes in handy – if your tastes vary, you could set up different profiles for each of your moods. That way, Netflix won’t be trying to recommend a combination of horror, comedy and romance!

Ask friends and family too. If you’ve got similar preferences when it comes to shows and movies, they might have tried a show that you gave up with – only to find it comes good in the end.

Bear with shows that have bad beginnings

Some shows and movies have slow beginnings. They might be confusing or boring – but only to ramp up and turn into something amazing a few episodes in. If a show is getting loads of recommendations and is talked about all the time, give it a chance. You might watch a few episodes and stick with your first opinion. But most likely, you’ll realize you’re onto a winner, and find your new favorite show!

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