Subtle Hints That Show Women You’re Financially Successful

Sure, you already know that you’re successful. But do your dates? There are a few things you can do to make the message clear. Read on to find out what they are.

Wear a Luxury Timepiece

Watches have long been a mainstay for successful men. From business suits to casual weekend wear, a luxury timepiece is well-suited for any man of means. And, a fine watch shows women that you take care of yourself and care about fashion. There are many luxury watches on the market today, however, all that it takes to make a lasting impression is one. You don’t want your watch to be too flashy, as it could send the wrong message—think arrogance. Instead of choosing something emblazoned with diamonds and gold-tone, opt for something a bit more simple but still sophisticated. Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual fits the bill. With its stainless-steel band and dark rhodium dial you can guarantee that you’ll make a great impression all while subtly hinting at your success.

Use a Smartphone

Chances are likely that you already have this tool in your toolbox. We live in a day in age where smartphones rule. But not all devices are equal. To convey a message of success, choose a top-of-the-line smartphone like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Its cutting-edge design and water-resistance make it a good pick for any man. Also, when it comes to your smartphone, choose a ringtone and text alerts that are appropriate. As much as you may like your Game of Thrones or light saber-sound ringtone, your date likely won’t and chances are that you will convey the wrong message—say, living in your mom’s basement. Opt for vibrate instead. And whatever you do, do not ignore your date and be glued to the phone when you’re out together.

Sport Nice Shoes

Well-polished shoes are essential. In fact, research published in “The Journal of Research in Personality” has shown that you can judge 90 percent of a stranger’s personal characteristics just by looking at their shoes, which includes factors like age and social status. While wearing sneakers doesn’t exactly mean that you are unsuccessful, they don’t really convey the message of success. When you’re out on a date, swap your sneakers for a set of shoes that are a bit more grown up. American-made Allen Edmonds are a solid choice. This shoemaker offers dozens of different shoes that can be matched to your already existing style. For a casual weekend date consider a boot-style and for drinks during happy hour be sure that you’re wearing your wingtips.

Be Well Spoken

It’s not all about appearance fellas. You’ve got to be articulate and yes, even funny, to win over a woman and convey success. Sometimes successful men don’t have time for small talk or socialization. If your conversation skills are a bit dusty, here’s is a good idea for you to try. If you have trouble with words, especially when you’re in front of the ladies, consider taking an improv class to help fine tune your wit and social skills.

Get Smart-Looking Glasses

If you wear contacts you might want to pop them out and wear your glasses instead. According to research, and opinion, glasses make men look smarter and more successful. Wearing your frames even conveys trustworthiness, likeability and attractiveness, which is a big win. But not all glasses do the trick. Choose a pair that are stylish. Check out Warby Parker. The company offers a whole host of trendy men’s styles online.

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