The Biggest Online Slots Win of All Time

The slot machine one of the most popular casino games out there. In fact, Australia, which is one of the countries with the greatest number of gamblers love this. They call it pokies in there, but it’s still the same thing. Australia loves this game so much that they have over 200,000 of licensed machines throughout the country.

This is because it is the simplest game that anybody could play in a casino. There’s no need for one to take the time to learn it. You just need to sit in front of it and start playing. The typical slots only need a lever or a button to be played.

It’s one of the games that are also impossible to rig. All slot machines, both online and not, are programmed to constantly produce random results. Now, hearing that the slots are programmed may sound like someone is still responsible for the results that you get as you play it. This isn’t really the case.

Slots are programmed and ran through RNG or Random Number Generator. RNG is what makes every spin of the machine unpredictable. This is what helps ensure fair gameplay for its players.

Most of the time, people only choose to play slots to entertain themselves. They’d play on any slot machines they find and hope for the best. But there are also people who take this seriously. They would check online casino tips pages to find the best slots offer and stick to playing the same slots until they win.

Even if slots produce random results, many people believe that it is impossible to hit the jackpot with this. What a lot do not know is that the biggest online casino wins actually come from online slot machines. Here are some of the biggest online slots win to date.

  • New Zealand’s Rawiri Pou

Rawiri Pou got the taste of the jackpot of Mega Moolah slot. The 27-year-old fast-food worker was able to win over 10 million NZ dollars on June 17, 2016. It was the biggest online slots win during that year. He played the Mega Moolah slot on Casinoland when this win happened.

However, the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand raised some concerns regarding this win and the Casinoland. Apparently, it’s not legal to advertise and promote overseas online gambling sites in New Zealand. Despite this, Rawiri still got his money.

  • D.P

D.P.’s win is also from the jackpot of Mega Moolah. D.P. is his alias as she didn’t really want to expose her identity. She won a total of $11,610,536.59 on August 28, 2016. D.P. didn’t even have to deposit one dollar to get this big win.

The Mega Moolah Jackpot that D.P. won was on Casino Rewards, an online casino. She was playing on her iPad and was about to have dinner when she hit the jackpot. It was a win she never really expected. She was immediately flown by Casino Rewards to award the money she won.

  • Finnish man’s jackpot win

An anonymous man from Finland in his 40s won 17 million euros by playing Mega Fortune Slots. What makes this win such a victory is that he only had to place a bet that’s worth 23 cents. This win happened in 2013 and so imagine how big the money is at that time.

There’s really not much details about this Finnish man, but the Mega Fortune slot he won was on a Scandinavian online casino. This is also what made his win big as the exchange rate between sterling and euro was big at the time.

  • Norwegian’s Sleepless Night

In September 2011, an insomniac Norwegian player decided to try his luck on the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt. He won a crazy amount of 11,736,375 euros. The funny thing is that he said his win surely didn’t help with the sleepless night he was having.

  • Jonathan Heywood

Jonathan Heywood is a 27-year-old British soldier who placed a 25 pence punt on Betway Casino to play slots. He surely got lucky as he won the jackpot prize of 13.2 million euro. Jon was just back from Afghanistan before he decided to play on Betway.

It was also a desperate time as his father was in need of medical help. He was looking for many ways to get the money to help his dad, but he decided to turn to play online slots. He wanted to try his luck and indeed, luck was on his side at that time.

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