The Different Types of Online Poker You Can Play

Poker is one of the most popular card games that you can play online. Online providers such as Blitz Poker are making it possible for players to play realistically and to win real money doing it. Also, players can enter tournaments and compete against top players in the hope of further success and accolades. This article will discuss the different types of online poker that can be played by those who have an affinity for poker as a card game and relish the opportunity to also play it online.

To narrow it down to five different types of online poker, we shall discuss Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, Five-Card Draw, Cincinnati, and Ohama High.

Texas Hold’em

As a very popular version of poker, Texas Hold’em attracts millions who play it online. During this game, players are dealt two cards, at which point they must bet, then they can either check or bluff their way to winning the hand by making use of potentially five community cards. Cards are dealt over four rounds of betting. The Flop (3 cards), Turn (1 card), and River (1 card) will all contribute to the eventual outcome of a game. Various stakes can be played to make the game more thrilling and mean even more to those playing it. The game’s players will all be hoping that they have what is potentially a successful strategy for winning at online poker.

Seven-Card Stud

Beginners to Stud Poker will find this a good choice to play online. During a hand, each player is dealt seven cards and then is trying to create the best five-card hand they can during six rounds of betting. Each player will be dealt two face-down cards, followed by four that are face-up, and one final one face down.

The difference between Severn-Card Stud and Texas Holde’em is that in Texas Hold’em players will use the same selection of community cads, whereas in Seven-Card Stud players will receive their own set of cards to deal with. This makes the game less predictable.

Five Card Draw

This is an older form of poker. It is simple to play online or otherwise. It is deceiving in that it offers more in terms of strategy and bluffing than there first appears. Each player will be deal with five face-down cards and then is allowed the opportunity to trade as many of their cards as they like with those in the remaining deck. This is then followed by just one round of betting. Bluffing is very much the key to succeeding when playing Five-Card Draw. It is about tricking each other with the number of cards taken. Swapping one card could be seen as someone having a strong hand, or it could simply be a player bluffing.


Again, a simpler form of poker. Here, each online player is first dealt five cards before five community ones are dealt face-down onto the table. The dealer will then turn over the community cards one at a time, with a round of betting taking place each time they do. The winner is the player who has the highest five-card hand. This can consist of any combination in respect of hole and community cards. Hole cards are, of course, those cards that a player must keep secret from the table.

Ohama High

This online poker alternative is similar to Texas Hold’em in many respects. This is except for the fact that each player will be dealt two extra cards to play with. Then, with four of their cards, players go through the same four betting rounds during the Flop, Turn, and River. The principal difference between this and other versions of poker is in the showdown. For this, players can only make use of two of their cards and three of the community ones. This means that the outcome is only known at the very last minute.

So, five types of poker games that can be played online. For a couple more, you might want to look into Badugi or Pineapple. Or just make pineapple the drink that you make yourself at home to keep hydrated during the game.

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