Tipico Suggests That eSports Gambling Is Set to Grow Even Bigger

The Tipico online sportsbook is one of the biggest sports betting operators based within Germany, so it’s clear that it should know its stuff about what the future holds for the industry. Fortunately, the brand isn’t shy about coming forward with opinions about what will be occurring within the sports betting world, and seemingly, all eyes are focused on the eSports sector.

This is one sports betting sector that the Tipico site believes will continue to improve in popularity, and therefore, it suggests that betting on the future of eSports is a good way to go. In fact, eSports have already seen quite the increase in their popularity, considering that many actual sporting events aren’t currently taking place. And Managing Director of Tipico, Adrian Vella said that this sector has been particularly popular with mobile bettors, making it even more appealing.

With the introduction of 5G options in many countries, Tipico will likely continue increasing in popularity as well, and become one of the go-to options for many mobile sports gamblers. Fortunately, anyone becoming a member of the platform will also get to benefit from the addition of the Tipico sign up offer, which provides a 100% bonus on top of your initial deposit. As long as your initial deposit is of at least €10, then you’ll be able to claim this reward, which has a maximum of €100 available for you.

Mobile Technology for Sports Betting with Tipico

While eSports remain as a prime focus for Tipico in the future, that’s not the only sector that the brand is turning its attention to on a greater scale. It’s already setting its platform up to cater to 5G mobile technology, looking to provide a faster and more dependable online website. In Tipico Germany, the brand has seen the success of AI-based event recommendations in comparison to rules-based recommendations. Therefore, it sees much more potential for personalized content and better utilization of the smaller smartphone screens in the future.

Additionally, new online payment products have been launched in other parts of the world, and these have really taken off. Look at the United States for example, which is seeing its own sports betting market open up as the months go by. Colorado is set to launch its own sports betting market on Friday May 1, while other states are looking to involve themselves in the same in due course. With this being the case, it’s likely that more and more online sportsbooks will look to support additional payment methods. This will naturally improve the overall customer experience and keep them coming back for more. Faster deposits and withdrawals are something that bettors constantly look for, and if Tipico can involve itself in such, then it’s setting itself up for a good future in this area, too.

And when you also consider that the eSports beting market is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 20% during the 2020-25 period, this is something that Tipico aims to be right in the middle of as well. While the eSports market can still be considered as being in its infancy, the growing viewership of such can only mark great things for the years to come.

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