Where Does All Government Spending Go?

Government spending is one of those things we think about, but don’t really think about. We’ve all had those conversations with that uncle or cousin with whom we disagree politically; we’ve all got opinions on how our government should take care of fiscal matters. But when it goes beyond political talking points during the election cycle, do we really consider where our taxpayer dollars go?

Many Americans would be surprised to learn just how much money our government spends every year – we know it’s a huge amount, but do we know the true amount? It’s in the trillions. Much of it is debt. And you’d be further shocked to know just how much of that government spending is actually going to the private sector – private citizens who are skimming off the top, mismanaging funds, misappropriating funds and sometimes straight up stealing. 

We spend so much time arguing about where our hard-earned dollars go, without considering that much of it is fraudulently lining the pockets of people we didn’t even know existed. And it is happening in every area of government – medical and education, military spending, public works, public assistance, and everywhere else. 

So how to combat this type of fraud when it’s on such a large scale? Economic and legal advisors and professionals are doing their part to fight back, but it will take the public to begin speaking out on fraud and theft in government spending before any real change is made. Take the time to look at just how much money is stolen from the taxpayer every year, and you’ll see the need for a major overhaul of government spending. 

Infographic by Lawsuit Legal

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