Why Online Casino Beats The Real Thing

For many years land-based casinos had it all their own way. If people wanted to play the slots, roulette and blackjack that was the place to head for. But the emergence of the online casino has changed the landscape forever as these operators are offering brilliant simulations of the real casino experience. Some top online operators such as 888casino offer live casino which allows online players to face real dealers through their computers or devices without leaving their homes, a great way to gamble without the fuss of making a trip to the casino. This kind of thing is has had a big effect on land casino profits, even in the two big global centers for casinos, Las Vegas and Macau.

But, while it’s easy to see why online casinos have taken off to the extent that they have, it’s not to say that the bricks and mortar versions don’t still have a certain allure too which will never fully be replicated online. So here are how five key areas of the online and real casino experience compare


A great deal of the appeal of the real casino has always been its atmosphere of glamour, as well as sociability. So obviously this is an area in which the online experience is going to find it very hard to compete. All the flashy graphics and sound effects in the world will never match, say, the feeling you get from walking into Caesars Palace. Having said this, online casinos are currently ride on the wave of the virtual reality boom to start creating ever more realistic experiences.


Players may say that it’s the excitement of the game that drives them but it’s the thrill of the big win that is the real motivator for taking part. Sure, you can win in both online and real casinos but with the former it’s just credited to your account and in the latter you’ll be heading home with the cash in your pocket – a far more exciting experience. Plus you’ll have won in public, adding to the thrill.


Online casinos rely heavily on bonuses to both attract new players and to maintain their loyalty to a far greater extent that real casinos do. By uniting so many players online they can also offer things like huge progressive jackpots on slots which anyone can win at any time – although this is also something that can also happen in Vegas.


Even though many real casinos boast that they’re open 24 hours a day not many people have that flexibility to go whenever they want – or even want to go to a casino at 4 in the morning. But the 24/7 availability of online casinos really is useful because it means you can play whenever you want, for however long you want, wherever you are.


Obviously, even the biggest land casino in the world is constricted by the floor space available. While this means that they can have hundreds of slots and countless tables it still means they can’t compete with an online casino in which the choice is virtually infinite and where thousands can play simultaneously.

So, as you can see, both land and online casinos each have their own advantages. So rather than deciding on either an online or a real life experience, the savvy player will make room for both in their lives, depending on the situation.

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