Why People Prefer Online Slots Over Roulette

The online gaming industry has really expanded in the last few years. Online casinos have done their best to digitize their offers from land-based casinos and roulette, without a doubt, does have that “bond” effect but there are several beginners and experienced gamers who would rather play online slots at King Casino. To find out why, look no further as we explain the reasons for this.


Roulette and Online slots share a few similarities in that both games are highly recommended for beginners. Roulette has simple and comprehensive rules and is the easiest table-based game to play online but has been described as being slow-paced. Online slots offer the same advantages of ease and simplicity but there is far less thinking involved and the game itself goes by much quicker. Preferred pace will always boil down to the type of gamer you are but the vast majority enjoy something with a little more instant gratification.

Potential Winnings

Roulette and regular slot games are in the same group when it comes to the potential winnings of a game. Things get more interesting and attractive if you opt to play on a progressive online slot. For those who haven’t heard of this yet, a progressive slot is played within a network of other gamers. A percentage is taken from each player’s bet and is added to the “progressive jackpot.” If you end up winning with this kind of slot the payout will probably be one of epic proportions, outdoing what you could potentially make in a game of roulette.


Roulette might be highly recommended to new gamers but it is not the first option by any stretch of the imagination. Online slots will win this bet, hands down, every time.  Roulette is the easiest table-based game but it can be very complex as well and it takes time and practice to understand the rules, the house edge, and the different variations to the rules and layouts. Online slots also have variations with regards to paylines and layouts, but the game itself is usually the same and does not have the same learning curve that Roulette does.


There are different varieties of Roulette available but these games have different rules. For new gamers, it might not be the kind of variety that they are chasing which is why Online slots are the more popular choice. Online slots do provide a wide variety of games but the game’s rules remain the same even if the layout and playlines change. Theme-orientated slots appeal to gamers of all demographics regardless of their interests and there will certainly be a game that will have each gamer returning for more.

As you can see, the advantages that Online Slots offer gamers, especially new ones, outweigh the advantages of the traditional Roulette game. With better winning potential, a wider variety and a faster-paced game Online slots seem like they will always be the first choice when it comes to online gaming options.

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