911 Audio From Ohio Man That Called Because He Was ‘Too High’

Because we couldn’t just let Florida stay in the lead.

A man from Austintown, Ohio called the local authorities via the 911 emergency phone number to report himself. He claimed that he was “too high” and he couldn’t feel anything. He told the dispatcher that he had smoked weed when she asked what he had taken.

Per WKBN in Youngstown:

When the officer found the man, he was lying on the floor in the fetal position, surrounded by, “Doritos, Pepperidge Farm goldfish, and Chips Ahoy cookies,” the report states.

The man told the officer he, “‘smoked too much weed,’” and mentioned that there was more weed in the center console of his car. He gave the officer his keys and permission to get the drug.

The officer found marijuana and marijuana-smoking paraphernalia in the car, according to the report. Police did not arrest the man or immediately file charges.

No charges filed because of course not. They probably figured he had been through enough.

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