Batman Ate at Chipotle For 500 Days Straight

The Caped Crusader had a hankerin’ for some Mexican fare that he just couldn’t shake.

Bruce Wayne — no shit, that’s his real name — of Tiffin Ohio, broke the record for most consecutive meals at the restaurant in December when he hit 426. For good measure, he decided to get his Chipotle streak to the nice, round number of 500.

I can’t really blame him here. This is clearly a contest with more than one contestant, so erring on the side of caution is definitely in The Dark Knight’s best interest.

TIFFIN, OH (AP) – An Ohio man who ate Chipotle every day for the past 500 days says he is finally ready to eat something new.

Bruce Wayne ended his streak Wednesday after grabbing a meal at the Tiffin Chipotle branch.

Wayne ended his streak in style, the Findlay Courier reports, by donning a Batsuit and ordering mini quesadillas because “leather isn’t very forgiving.”

Wayne broke the record for the most consecutive meals at the Mexican fast food restaurant in December at 426 days. Chipotle pledged a $4,260 donation to Seneca-based Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment, in honor of the $10 a day average Wayne spent over the 426 days.

In a post on his Instagram Tuesday, Wayne says “it isn’t just the end of one adventure; it’s the start of a new one.”

OK, I’ll bite…What on Earth is the new adventure?! Maybe he’ll slide on over to Moe’s Southwest Grill.


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