Factory of Sadness II: Mike Polk Jr. is Back with New Rant After the Steelers Dismantled the Browns

Mike Polk Jr. is a great comedian and is known very well throughout Cleveland. He was known by most even before his epic “Factory of Sadness” rant a couple years ago.  In the first edition, he went off about the Browns and their inability to beat the Texans. He even managed to coin new terms still heard around Cleveland today.

Well the comedian has continued to make his videos and yesterday released what looks like Factory of Sadness part two.  It is the same back drop (new stadium name) and he is just as pissed off.  This time with the inability to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You may not find this funny if you’re not a Browns fans, but if you are one, at least you got a little smile this morning before that Steelers fan in your office tries to joke around with you.


 “So now Brandon Weeden is gonna start again next week which means he’s already probably  staring down the receiver he is going to throw to”

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