Fox’s Megyn Kelly Had An Awesomely Awkward Interaction With Obama

Fox News host of The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and told of an awkward encounter she had with President Obama at the annual White House Christmas Party. When she greeted Obama and the First Lady, she said her hello’s and Merry Christmas’s and then Barry O asked her, “the White House is pretty a fun place, isn’t it?”

This is when Megyn, who is usually quick on her feet, quipped back with “It is. Maybe we’ll be here in two years.”

She explained to Kimmel and the audience that she was jokingly referring to her and her husband, Doug, running for president in 2016. However, she think Obama took it another way. Watch the video above.

Also. Megyn Kelly in that blue dress, tho.


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