Johnny Manziel Saga Gets ‘Making A Murderer’ Treatment With ‘Making A Manziel’

If you like sports and have a pulse, you have undoubtedly heard all of the reports this week about Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and his trip to Las Vegas. Although we still don’t have photographic proof, the rumors are the quarterback ditched the last game of the season while on concussion protocol to go party in Vegas in full disguise.

Having said pulse would also mean you have probably heard everyone talking about the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer which follows the murder trial for Teresa Halbach and the suspect Steven Avery. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Since the internet is an awesome machine of ingenuity, we now have a mashup in Making a Manziel. Big ups to Katie Nolan and her show on Fox Sports 1, Garbage Time, for what will no doubt be an internet classic.

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