Man Parks Next To Police With Music Blaring, Has No License and 37 Bags Of Crack On Him Because Criminals Are Insanely Stupid

If criminals were smart, imagine how much worse the drug epidemic could be. In Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend, 20-year-old Joseph Dawson was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and traffic charges after he parked next to a police cruiser and left his car unattended with the music blaring.

Officers took Dawson outside to question him and Dawson told them he did not have a license, reports said. Reports said officers cuffed him to take him into custody before writing him citations for loud music and driving without a license and Dawson told them he had nothing illegal on him.

Reports said officers found the bags of crack cocaine in a larger plastic bag and over $400 cash in his pockets. Dawson told police the drugs were for his personal use, reports said.

In that large bag were a total of 37 individual bags of crack cocaine.

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