Man Steals Ex-Girlfriend’s Car, Sets House On Fire, Dances, And Isn’t Even From Ohio Or Florida

You know that scene in Step Brothers, where Brennan and Dale are sitting on the couch after their epic front yard melee that included one using a bicycle as a weapon because he thought the other was going to rape him?

I picture Ohio and Florida sitting on a couch right now, just like Brennan and Dale. Nursing past wounds and putting bags of frozen peas on their bruises as they sit back and enjoy watching Indiana together.

Matthew Russ, an Indianapolis man, was not happy with his ex-girlfriend. So, as us guys tend to do, he stole her car and crashed it into a telephone pole about three houses away. When you don’t know how to drive stick, you don’t know how to drive stick.

Of course, the ex-girlfriend called the police who came to find Russ sitting in a chair in the driveway with a knife. Totes normal. But Russ wasn’t going to go that easy, not by a long shot. He then retreated into the house only to reappear on the roof, knife still in tow.

The police shot Russ with rubber bullets, which only seemed to fan the flames of the situation (pun intended). Russ went back into the home and started a fire. Once the flames and smoke were visible, Russ returned to the roof where he put on an impromptu dance recital.

Police then got on the fire truck ladder where they were able to get close enough to Russ to tase him and take him into custody.

Does anyone else REALLY want to know how that relationship ended?

[h/t @LeeannVodhanel]

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