Man Steals Golf Cart, Makes it 13 Miles Before Getting Arrested

Think about 13 miles for a second.  For me, it’s the drive to work each morning.  Have you thought of something 13 miles away?  Good.  Now imagine making that same drive behind the wheel of a golf cart.  That is exactly what 46 year-old John Vishion did in California for his New Year’s celebration.

According to reports, Vishion was partying in Angels Camp, California at a Trendwest Wyndham Resort when he got into an argument and wanted to go home.  The problem Vishion ran into was that he was inebriated and lived in Cirtus Heights, which is 74 miles away.  Vishion then did the next logical thing.  He stole a golf cart.

In addition to the golf cart, he also nabbed 5 bottles of champagne.  Also, the owner noted that his golf clubs were missing too.  So go ahead and take a moment to visualize Vishion driving this golf cart down the road, chock full of champagne with golf clubs strapped to the back.  Awesome.

Somehow, some way, he did not get into an accident during his 13 mile trek.  In fact, the only reason he stopped was because he got lost on his way home.  He admitted to the police that he took the golf cart and everything was returned to the owner.  Unfortunately for Vishion, he was charged with burglary, vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, grand theft and driving under the influence.

Happy New Year.

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