Mike Polk Jr. is Back as ‘The Cleveland Browns Time Travel Draft Advisor’

Mike Polk Jr. is known for his numerous Cleveland videos on YouTube.  From his Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos and to his, perhaps the most popular, The Factory of Sadness video about the Cleveland Browns, Mike Polk Jr. is usually the first one to have fun at Cleveland’s expense.

Well now he is back as “The Cleveland Browns Time Travel Draft Advisor” where he goes back in time and tells the higher-ups in the organization not to draft Courtney Brown, Gerard Warren and Brian Robiskie. 

I am almost positive if he had more time he would add a lot more picks.  For instance, I would have thought he would have included Brady Quinn, Tim Couch and Charlie Frye.

The Browns can’t even use a time traveling draft advisor right.


h/t to my sister Kara Clark, who has twitter but doesn’t use it so I’m not linking to it.

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