‘Netflix And Chill’ Condoms Are Here For Your Date Night Needs

More and more, you are seeing the term “Netflix and chill” thrown around. It’s a term to explain the process of getting a person you are interested in over to your house and on your couch. You get them under the covers and pick one of the many, many titles that Netflix has available for streaming and then proceed to spill buckets of game on them.

The rest is hookup history.

However, if you’re going to hit all four bases, you should most definitely be using protection and what better protection to use than an official “Netflix and Chill” condom? Branding is everything these days, so you might as well make your hookup official, right?

Not only that, but it’s a ice breaker. Instead of throwing that boring old Trojan-ENZ rubber at her, try one of these bad boys that is sure to lighten the mood.

Creater Kori Williams may have struck some novelty gold here. I’m sure many people will purchase these as a joke. Or at least that’s what they will tell their prospect when they pull one out.

The “Netflix and Chill” condom website explains the process in the most direct way possible.

Here’s the deal: there’s someone in your life right now who you want to chill with. Whether it be your neighbor, a coworker or that bitch Amy down the road.
Pay us money, provide an address anywhere in the world & we’ll send certified OG Chiller gold, Netflix and Chill condoms.
Pro Tip: Eat pizza and watch Star Wars.
Both the internet and 2015 have yet to let us down.
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