Ohio Shoots Florida After Argument Over Which State Has Better Strip Clubs

At this point, why don’t we just refer to these mongos as their states names? You know, like if LeBron hits a game winner, we say “the Cavaliers won.” Now, we’ll just consider each of these states as bitter rivals in a sport that no one else wants to participate in.

So using that logic, try to keep up with what happened. The suspect (Ohio) shot 24-year-old Antonio Cummings (Florida) after the two got into an argument outside the Lido Lounge in Cleveland. Their argument, as my witty title suggests, was over which state has the better men’s entertainment lounges.

Florida looks to gain revenge over arch nemesis Ohio this Saturday at 8 pm, probably. It’s an away game for Ohio, but could turn into a home and home.

[Fox 8]

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