The ‘Belfie Stick’ Is Real, Soldout, And I Hate All Of You

Sometimes, our old friend The Internet has some down days. Most days are glorious memes, cats and weird Florida and Ohio people doing unimaginable things to their families and friends.

But not today.

Today, we have been introduced to the “Belfie Stick.” A piece of plastic hell bent on bringing down civilization as we know it.

The “Belfie Stick” is an $80 extender that allows you to take better ass selfies. Seriously. And it’s sold out.

The basic white girl in me wants to say “I can’t even” but I don’t think that even does this whole situation justice.

There is clearly only one thing left to do…Call the U.S. Patent office and get the ball rolling on my “Gelfie Stick.”

Because who doesn’t want that perfect selfie of their grundle?

This is gonna be huge.

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