This Review Of A 9 Second MMA Knockout By An Aussie Is Solid Gold

YouTube user OzzyMan has a lot of videos on his channel. Most of them are him reviewing Game of Thrones. One, though, is not GoT, but rather him reviewing the now infamous 9 second knockout of light heavyweight Jason Soloman.

The fight, which happened in the Super Fight League (not a joke) in September, put challenger Amitesh Chaubey against then champion Jason Soloman. It only took a right hand and 9 seconds for Chaubey to knock the champion out cold.

OzzyMan’s commentary of the fight is hilarious and filled with some great lines.

 “I like his keys to victory: Avoids Damage, Uses His Reach, Takes It To The Ground, essentially how I’d fight when I was six years old. Liked to lock meself into the end of the couch and bicycle kick me older brotha.”

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