Tony The Tiger Appears To Be Moonlighting As A Pimp, Still Slinging Cereal Though

Tony The Tiger — and of course the masterminds behind — have created a new “commercial” for the delicious breakfast cereal. But instead of seeing a young child and his dad having a catch or some sappy shit like that, they have decided to give real world experiences a shot.

And what’s more real world than a prostitute who is just have a no good, very bad day? Streetwalkers have feelings and need a sugary pick-me-up too! Thank God for Pimp Tony.

This will undoubtedly offend some people.

“I’ve helped so many kids to solve their every day problems over the years. I contacted ten people who were children 30 years ago in my Frosted Flakes commercials, and asked them what their problems are now in their 40’s. See how I helped them!” – Tony The Tiger

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