Weird Al Yankovic Unboxing His Grammy Award Is One Of His Best Parodies Ever

Weird Al Yankovic won The Grammy Award for The Best Comedy Album at this year’s Grammy Awards. Since there are parties to go to an elbows to rub, recipients are not given the actual award at the ceremony, but are mailed their custom, individually numbered award a few months later.

When Yankovic recieved his award, he figured he would do what he does best and make a parody.

Unboxing videos are wildly popular on YouTube these days. You can pretty much search anything you want to purchase and you will find a video of someone opening it from its package for the first time and explaining every single thing they are doing. It can be helpful, but most of the time, it’s just annoying and hard to watch these nerds explain what kind of razor they are using to separate the glue from the cardboard.

Weird Al turned his troll all the way up to 10. And if you watch til then end, he gives a total mic drop. Well done.


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