6 Tips to Buying Beats for Your Next Mix

If you’re on the market for some outstanding beats, you’re in luck. There’s a wide array of beats to choose from. However, each beat is unique. It’s important to understand how you can buy beats online to create an enjoyable mix.

Here are 6 tips to buying beats for your next mix:

Look for established producers

There are numerous producers trying to showcase their beats online for the world to listen. If you wish to acquire beats from revered producers, there are two options to choose from. First, check out their unique websites (they’ll most likely have one) and download beats from there. Alternatively, you can check out third party sites. Some producers prefer using such sites to upload their beats and get more people on board.

Take advantage of special discounts

Finding beats that fit into your distinct style can be challenging. You’ll rarely acquire free beats that suit you genre. However, some producers offer exclusive discounts to individuals within their mailing list. All that’s needed is to visit their professional website and sign up. This way, you’ll get updates, newsletters and an assortment of resources sent to your mailbox. You’re also offered delightful discounts on all the beats you purchase as a token of gratitude.

Consider the prices

When it comes to purchasing beats, you can either choose between leases and exclusives. Leasing a beat means that you’re buying a license to use that beat. The producer gets rid of the tag and offers you full rights to utilize the beat. However, he/she still owns the beat and can lease it to other musicians. On the other hand, buying exclusive rights to a beat gives you 100% ownership. Leases generally cost around $10 to $30 which is quite affordable. Exclusives are costlier, ranging between $300 and $6,000.

Quality should be top-notch

If you’re going to pay handsomely for beats, ensure that they are professionally mixed. The quality of production should be exquisite – from the musicianship to the instrument selection. The producer should be overly familiar with using tools like volume faders, equalizers and compressors to balance the beat and make it pleasing to listeners. Don’t compromise the quality of your beats. After all, the success of your career depends on your beats.

Don’t rush

Take enough time to understand what you need. Some artistes only have to listen to a small portion of the beat to make up their minds. Others need to hear the entire beat. It helps to have a second opinion if you’re caught up in a dilemma. In addition, only purchase beats from a reputable producer/platform. This guarantees smooth flow of the purchase with zero hiccups.

Try out different beats

Some beats only suit one genre of music while others cut across the board. Be creative enough to try out a variety of beats and try infusing them into your style. Who knows, you might get that eureka moment that you’ve been looking for. Beats with a combination of drum and flute tunes blend really well, so try those as well.

Buying beats should be a piece of cake if you follow these few tips.

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