Take Advantage of These 4 Marketing Tips to Give Your Band More Exposure


Starting a band is one of the hardest things you can do, let alone trying to make it a global success. It takes a lot of guts, motivation, money and a big joint effort from everyone to have any chance of making a band work. If you feel each member of the band has the above, you’ll want to take your band a step further and promote it to acquire a fan base. If you’re looking for ways to get your band noticed, have a look at some of the below marketing ploys you can take advantage of to give your band the exposure it needs to succeed.

1.      Make a Funny Video

If your band consists of a few people, there’s bound to be one who’s got a bit of a clownish personality that can come up with an idea to make a funny video. The video doesn’t have to be very long and it certainly doesn’t have to be recorded in a professional environment – any modern mobile phone will do the trick. Once you’ve come up with a unique video idea try and implement your music into it and you’ll find that if your video goes viral on social media, your band will too.

2.      Attend Free Gigs

No one said starting a band was easy and there wasn’t much work involved. The fact is, it’s a very hard industry to compete in because of the huge competition already there, so anyone looking to make a success of their band will need to work extremely hard to make it a success. It may even cost you money in terms of travel and accommodation expenses, but attending free gigs to get on stage and do what you love in front of an audience will give your band more exposure.

3.      Give Out Free CDs

A fantastic way to promote your band is to go to a music festival that’s related to the type of music you play and hand out free samples of what you’ve got to offer the industry. Everyone loves a freebie and you can interact with potential fans there and then. Invest in custom CD designs so you’ll be able to get your own cover created so each CD looks professional – and you can even include your social media contacts on the CD so fans can follow your band if they liked your music.

4.      Stay Active on Social Media

Creating a funny video can give you the audience you need to be a success if it goes viral, but that isn’t going to be enough for your fans. You’ll also want to stay active on social media to let fans know of any upcoming gigs or even what you’ve all been up to recently – stay active and your fans will continue to share your content.

It takes a huge marketing effort to make any band a success but by following the above marketing ideas you can be sure your band will have a better chance than other new bands trying to break into the industry just like yours.

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