Top Factors to Consider When Buying Party Speakers

What’s a party without some loud music to groove to? Without speakers, your party will be a completely dull and boring gathering. But it’s not merely about buying speakers, it’s about getting good quality ones that will serve your needs perfectly. You can find some top quality party speakers on

However, even when you are presented with a list of good quality party speakers knowing the important things to check before making a purchase is important. Even a good quality speaker might not meet your specific needs. Here are some of the top factors to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Sound quality

This is definitely the most important feature to consider before you buy a party speaker. A speaker that produces bad sound is almost as terrible as having none at all. Before you make a purchase, be sure to inspect its sound quality. This isn’t merely about the figures and qualities quoted by the manufacturer. You should hear the sound and confirm if you like the volume if it has enough bass the sound is clear enough and bearable to the ear among other things.


The power rating or wattage of your speaker is another important thing to check. This determines how loud the it can get. As a general rule of the thumb, one watt is expected to fill a space of 1 square meter conveniently. You should check the wattage of the speaker to see if it would deliver up to its purpose.

However, no matter what figure is quoted as the wattage, this doesn’t mean that you should operate the speaker to the highest rating. Instead, you should follow the RMS rating written on the speaker as this will determine how loud you can play it continuously without overheating and damaging the speakers.

Connectivity Options

A good speaker is one that offers you various connectivity options. This way you can easily connect to different devices conveniently. Most types of party speakers usually have Bluetooth connectivity enabled. Some others also allow you to connect and play music through SD Cards, USB or Aux input. Some speakers can also pair up or connect with other speakers. This makes it easy to connect more than one speaker for even louder effect.


If you are buying a party speaker, you have to keep in mind the main reason for the purchase as this will determine the type of speaker you will get. If you are hosting a small party indoors for example with only a small group of friends in attendance, buying a towering speaker with very high wattage may not be necessary. An outdoor party, on the other hand, will require one with a higher rating if you will fill the outdoor space and give you clean and clear sound.


Buying a portable one is important especially if you intend to move it around a lot. Several factors may affect the portability of a speaker. Asides the need for the unit to be lightweight, having wheels at the base will also aid portability. A strong handle will also make it easier to carry the speaker.


Asides AC power, the best speakers are those that offer you strong battery life. This is particularly important if you will be using them for outdoor use since it will save you the stress of looking for an alternative power source. Usually, you should be able to get speakers with mid-range cost with a battery life of 10 to 20 hours. Some speakers also offer up to 30 to 40 hours although they will cost a lot more than regular models.


These days, most party speakers come with a weatherproof feature. This type of speakers is most suited for outdoor use as they can handle long hours in the sun or rain without significant damage. They are waterproof also, which makes them perfect for pool parties if you intend to host one. Generally, durability is a vital quality to consider as it will determine how long the speaker will serve your needs.


At the end of the day no matter how great a speaker is, you still want something pocket-friendly. While your budget will generally determine the quality of what you get, a good speaker isn’t necessarily expensive. There are several top quality party speakers at a pocket-friendly price and you should look out for these.

Still unsure of the right party speaker for you? Check here for some more tips.


Buying a good quality party speaker requires some knowledge and experience. You can follow these tips as a simple guide to help you make the right choice. Alternatively, you can also enlist the help of an expert to guide you with the purchase.

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