What You Need to Know about SoundCloud Plays

Since you were young, you might be interested in music and decided to become a musician. But the problem is a lot of people also want to be famous through music. Competition is tough and getting platinum records may be a dream come true for many. Read more about platinum records in this link here.

Luckily, there are a lot of platforms that can promote your work without you needing to go to radio stations. You don’t need to knock on a radio station’s door and beg them to play your music on air. Some of them won’t do it unless you are someone famous or know someone from the inside who can help you.

If you can’t compete with famous artists, there are social media platforms and websites that can promote them for you in no time. The audiences are already subscribers and they may even be looking for the kind of music that you are offering. People who spend time on platforms such as SoundCloud can get successful with some effort.

Like all other music platforms, you must also do some work for you to get discovered. There are thousands of users who upload their music daily. You have to attract your audience’s attention in order for them to prioritize your soundtracks. Some increase their SoundCloud plays to gain attention. Know more on where to find SoundCloud plays by going into the right website and by reading information on the internet. Here are the other reasons why plays are important.

Why Get SoundCloud Plays

You Become an Influencer

If you were able to influence others to get the plays, you may attract recording studios including prominent personalities in the music industry. Users on SoundCloud are forever curious about the things that you can offer to them.  You are giving a vibe that you are offering something interesting and unique. Something that people should hear and when they don’t, they are definitely missing something. Getting plays is like attracting social proof that you are great and what you offer is high-quality.

More Plays Get You to the Top Charts

There are charts in SoundCloud for the most music played in a day, week, or month. They key here is to get discovered. Even if you just hit the charts once because of too many plays on a single soundtrack that you created, it’s already an achievement. People will search for your other creations and will watch out for what you can offer the next day.

Attract More People

If people find out that a lot of other SoundCloud users are playing your music, they will be curious as well. This is known as the “bandwagon effect”. Get more information about the bandwagon effect here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bandwagon-effect.asp. Some users want to get included on what’s in today. As a result, they click on anything that is popular and trending. If a lot of people like your music, then there’s no reason why other subscribers will not hit the play button.

Now that you know why you should get plays; you may wonder what the next step is. The answer to this is that you should know ways on how to increase your plays.  Note that SoundCloud can give you plenty of opportunities as well as other artists, curators, and labels to promote them to the right audience. A few of these is to make sure that your music is part of somebody’s playlist. You should also get reposts. Creating anything that sounds good and looks good is also key to getting plays.

Ways to Increase your SoundCloud Plays

  1. Clean Title

The metadata of SoundCloud requires most music title to be clean. This means instead of giving your song a title of “AGr3atxLif3xvfinal”, make it simple. A good title instead is just “A Great Life” instead of a jumble of words and numbers. Do not duplicate information that’s already on the internet. Make a unique description of the song. Track numbers are also not needed when uploading titles. Other pieces of information that should be included are: essential information such as title, artist name, and label. These make you more discoverable on the SoundCloud platform.

  1. Attractive Images and Clean Descriptions

The cover or album art should be one of your top priorities. Upload images that have reasonable sizes and they should contain high resolution. You don’t have to make your album art colorful but make one that can catch attention or can get you a second glance. Aside from the images, you may also want a clean description of your work. Make a creative and descriptive sentence or two about your creation. You might want to tell a story of how you came out with the music. Link to collaborators if possible, on the description box so that you will not have issues with them in the future.

  1. Make Tags

You should be clear on what mood your audio should be categorized into. You can show your audience the mood through tags. The algorithm in SoundCloud includes tags so that you will be more discoverable.

Music with the correct tag will be prioritize and recommended to other users. Include the genre in the tags to further add to the description of your audio. Do not overdo it because SoundCloud still wants its users to have quality music. Quality over quantity is given importance in many platforms today.

  1. Do Metadata Configurations

This means that if you uploaded several tracks, make them easy to find by arranging them inside the folder. The SoundCloud configurations make artists successful by making their music searchable according to the date they were uploaded. Creating music playlists will also help a lot because it will be simpler for fans to play their favorites in a single place rather than browsing on several pages.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Add the “Buy” Link

Promoting your music is like marketing. You may feel that a thousand fans listening to your music is already nice, but they won’t help you buy that new mixer you are wishing for. Adding a “buy” link is possible on Metadata tabs on SoundCloud. This is available for every uploaded track. Add links that go directly to iTunes, Juno, Bandcamp, and Beatport. You can be surprised by the number of people who will support your music. Another tip can include adding a “donate” button. Add links to PayPal, TransferWise, or any other site where you receive payments. Many people will support an artist if they feel that he or she is worth it.

Other Tips to Survive on SoundCloud

Your music may be perfect on your ears and you feel that the world needs to hear it. This can be good news. However, when you upload the music, someone may comment that you should increase the bass or change some of the lyrics.

It is important to heed feedback especially if you realize that it is for your own good. With a premium subscription on SoundCloud, you will be able to change the audio without losing all the plays, likes, and comments on your music. If your audience feels valued, expect more success in the future.

Getting plays in SoundCloud can get you discovered in no time. Those are just some of the reasons why you have to increase the plays of your music. When you follow the tips above, expect an increase in your plays and even followers on SoundCloud in the next days.

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