Why You Should Hire A Live Band For Next Special Occasion

Music is a hugely important part of many people’s lives, and live music has an amazing power to liven the mood, unite people and up the ante of any occasion.

To find out why you should hire a live band for your next special occasion (wedding, birthday party, corporate party, etc.), keep reading!

5 reasons why a live band is the only option

If you’re not convinced that a live band is really the best option for your event, these reasons could change your mind…

  1. Live music creates excitement and sets the mood

Live music has the power to create immense excitement among guests. Live bands are said to “heat up” any room and cultivate energy, and they naturally draw a crowd meaning more people will likely interact in the space and fill the dancefloor. People will pay a lot of money to see live music – whether it’s to see their favourite artist perform live or to go to a concert hall for an immersive experience – so if you want to liven the mood of your event and keep people excited, a live band is the way to go.

  1. Live music can make any event memorable

Music is close to many people’s hearts; many cite music as being their medicine. The music is one of the most important elements of any function, and is usually what people will take from the event. So, if you can play on this intrinsic human passion for music by hiring a live band to perform at your event, you will make the day/night in question a whole lot more memorable and a whole lot more special than if you played pre-recorded songs out of a speaker.

  1. Live music puts a new spin on old classics

When it comes to well-known songs, everyone has heard the studio recording countless times. So many times, in fact, that they know every beat, every riff, every breath the singer takes, that it’s practically burned onto their memory forever. 

There is nothing special about going to an event and hearing the same recording of a song you probably have on CD or on Spotify. However, if that song is played by a live band – even when they are just replicating it – it is instantly more exciting, more dynamic and more real. And when the live band does an interesting rendition, perhaps in a different genre, it gives you a unique perspective on the song that you didn’t have before.

  1. Live bands are versatile

One of the advantages of hiring a professional live band for your event is that they are incredibly versatile. They usually have 100s of songs in their repertoire and can play numerous genres, from classical to classic rock to R&B. So, if you have a playlist of songs you want to be played, you can be sure that a quality live band will not only do them justice, but will bring them to life.

  1. Live bands are the best option for a wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be special, memorable (for the right reasons) and unique to them. Therefore, a live band is the best accompaniment to the day because the music is all of those things: special, because live music sparks joy and excitement among guests; memorable, because live music is not something people will listen to every day, and when the band is top quality they will be remembered; and unique, because live music is unpredictable (in the most exciting way) and because can tailor bands to suit you. For example, for your wedding day you could choose to hire a 2-piece band – consisting of a violinist and a cellist – or a 6-piece band – consisting of a male vocalist, female vocalist, violinist, trumpetist, guitarist and keyboardist. The wedding reception band you choose depends wholly on your personal taste, the style of your wedding and your budget.

4 occasions where live music is a must

  1. A wedding

As aforementioned, a live band is essential during a wedding reception – and perhaps a wedding ceremony, too. A live band can create an intimate, sophisticated and personal atmosphere in the form of a string quartet, a delicate harp or a soft jazz sound.

A live band is a great accompaniment throughout the whole wedding day: during the wedding ceremony; the hour or two in between the ceremony and the Wedding Breakfast when people are getting their photos taken; the Wedding Breakfast; and the Wedding Reception (not forgetting the all-important First Dance). A live band is perfect for getting the Wedding Reception party started by playing popular songs that guests will know and love so that they will get onto feet and onto the dance floor. 

  1. A corporate event

Corporate events can be hard to organise, and if they are not done so properly they run the risk of looking and feeling stale. However, one important element that should not be overlooked and will ensure that the energy remains hire during the event is the entertainment.

A live band is perfect for a corporate event because it creates a sense of intimacy and sophistication, and showcases that the company in question is willing to go the extra mile and spend the extra on something more spectacular than a regular DJ. This is crucial if the event is intended to attract new business and impress customers or clients.

  1. A birthday party

Birthday parties should be fun and joyous, and a live band will be able to create this exact atmosphere. Plus, you can put in your own musical requests whenever you like, as a professional live band is versatile and has all of your favourite songs up its sleeve.

  1. A graduation party

Graduations are a very important time in a person’s life, and so a graduation party calls for only the best entertainment. Big bands can play big pop songs as well as classics to get a party started. And for the ultimate celebration, the louder the better!


There’s no denying the musical power of live music. If you’re considering whether or not to opt for a live band, heed the above reasons and make the right choice!

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