4 Steps to Getting Into Golf

There are some sports that you can only play during certain periods of your life. There aren’t, for instance, too many sixty-year-olds pulling the old uniform and heading outside for an intense game of football. But then there are the sports that you can play, more or less, at any age, like golf. Once you’ve got the learning curve out the way, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a lifelong passion that’ll take you across the country, have you meeting new people, and always trying to improve yourself. If you’ve never played before, take a read of our useful tips below to get into the game.

Hit the Range

If you head straight to the course, then your golfing career will be over before it began — it’s not enjoyable hiking after shanked shot and shanked shot. Instead, you’ll want to get the basics down in a risk-free area. Rent or borrow a club, and head down to the driving range. Pick up a bucket of balls, and get swinging. You’ll be terrible, to begin with, but by the time the second bucket is by your side, you’ll have noticed enough improvement to continue.

Invest in Clubs

The tools you’re using always make a big difference to how good you are, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to golf. If you’ve got old, cheap clubs, then you’re going to find it difficult to play well. Alternatively, if you have the best golf driver for beginners in your golf bag, you’ll find that you’re hitting the ball cleaner and longer. High-quality golf clubs are not going to make you a master golfer overnight — but they will improve your play. There are good players out there who think they’re much worse, all because of the clubs they’re using.

Easy Greens

It’s advisable that you don’t look at the best golf courses just yet, other than as an inspiration for what’s to come. They look beautiful, sure, but they’re also tricky to play! In the early days, you’ll want to stick only to the easiest courses you can find. You’ll end up giving up on the sport if you’re trying to play more advanced courses before you’re ready. Also, it’s probably better to stick to a nine-hole round, rather than a full eighteen, until you’ve built up your endurance.

Make it Social

The actual hitting of the ball only takes up a small amount of time. The rest is walking to where your ball is, lining up shots, and so on. There’s a lot of downtime! This is one reason why golf is a social activity, sometimes even more of a social activity than it is a sport. When you’re beginning to play, put the word out amongst your friends, in the office, and so on for other golfers. Playing a round of golf with others is a great way to make sure you ride out those days when you’re playing poorly — thanks to your fellow players, you’ll still have an enjoyable day.  

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