Amazing Fish To Catch In Your Lifetime

Fishing is a hobby like no other. Whether your fishing goal is to catch and eat fish, or to catch and study stunning animals, it is a great hobby to get into and one which will take you all over the world. Fishing is incredibly popular as a hobby and anglers have the chance to see and come into contact with some of the most incredible creatures in our waters.

If you are new to fishing, or a fishing veteran looking for a challenge, we have a list of the fish you should aim to catch during your lifetime. All of these creatures are unique and have their own quirks, and will provide you with memories to take with you throughout your life.


The sailfish is a majestic creature with a high dorsal fin, and it can be found in tropical waters. The sailfish is a beautiful creature and it is certainly a prize every fisherman wants to win. When trying to catch this fish, you need to head to tropical waters with a depth of at least 30 feet, and make sure you are quick on the draw as this fish is the fastest in the sea. Reaching a speed of 80mph, you need to have your wits and strength about you if you want to catch this beauty!

Giant Trevally

The giant trevally is a fish which is found in warm Pacific waters and it is a tough one to catch. Silver in color and bulky in size, this fish has a lot of stamina and strength so it is a big challenge for anglers to catch on a fishing trip. Make sure you have a strong rod and reel handy for this catch and warm up those muscles for the fight you’ll have on your hands!

Bluefin Tuna

The Bluefin Tuna is one of the biggest of tuna species and is known the world over and the king of tuna. This stunning fish is identified by its silver body and blue fin which pokes out of the water as it swims. The fish is large is size and bulky which makes it difficult to catch, but if you do manage to hook this fish you’ll be treated to an amazing sight. They can be found in the Altantic Ocean.


There are many unique shapes and sizes of fish in the world and one of the most unique of all is the swordfish. Swordfish are characterized by their sharp, flat, pointed bill. They are a sight to behold and are a prize which many anglers wish to add to their collection. In order to catch a swordfish, you need to be strong and swift, and set up camp in temperate and tropical ocean shelf waters.

Yellowfin Tuna

A vibrant cousin of Bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna is incredible and can be seen rocking a bright and bold yellow fin and underbelly. This fish is large and bulky, and again is one of the most sought after tuna species by anglers. These fish prefer warm waters and can be usually seen swimming around in the Atlantic and Indian oceans. If you manage to reel this fish in you will definitely want to get a photo or two!

Atlantic Salmon

Salmon is a popular culinary fish and it is often used in healthy dishes as part of a balanced diet. Atlantic Salmon is an incredibly large species of fish and after two years they often reach a length of 3 feet. Atlantic Salmon is found in the Atlantic ocean close to the USA and Canada and is often sought after by anglers. The fish is silver and white in color with soft speckles over its back. It is currently considered endangered in the wild and this is why it is a great idea to catch it sooner rather than later.


If you are looking for a super colorful and vibrant fish to add to your photo collection, this is the one to catch. Dorado, also known as a dolphin fish or mahi mahi is a bright yellow-green colored fish which has a unique face shape. These beautiful fish are very fast swimmers and they weave between seaweed and coral in a flash. You’ll need your wits about you when catching a dorado but it would be well worth the effort. 


Wahoo does more than describe the name of this next fish. In fact, it is likely the noise you will make when you finally manage to catch this streamlined racer. All the fishing tips in the world can’t prepare you for how fast this fish is and how difficult it can be to catch. The Wahoo is like a wild torpedo with its long bill and striking blue stripy skin making it a blur in the water. They love to hang out in warm waters and can be found in large groups, so even if they are difficult to reel in you won’t have any issues finding them!


Ooh, Barracuda.

The Barracuda is a fish which is pretty scary to behold. With a face reminiscent of a dinosaur, this long thin fish is menacing and is certainly one for your fishing bucket list. To catch this amazing creature, you will need to tackle this 7 foot long animal with tactics and speed. Head to tropical waters and stay in the shallow depths of sea grass and coral reefs to find this beauty.

Lake Trout

Trout have many species around the world, but this species of Trout is only found in America. A large species of Char, the Lake Trout can grow up to 4 feet and lives for as long as 50 years. To catch one of these beauties you will need to move inland to reservoirs and lakes, and they will certainly be a great catch to have.


Pike are a menacing looking fish who are known for biting people if they dip their toe in shallow water. The Muskie is a species which is native to North America and it shares the same long body and scary face. This fish is not a common catch so if you do manage to reel one in you will have ultimate bragging rights with the rest of your angler friends.

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