Dear Randy Lerner

I will make this very clear. If you do not offer Eric Mangini the head coaching vacancy, I might quit being a Browns fan. He is the right coach, at the right time, for the right team. Mangini just got fired from New York for going 10-6 because his retard of a QB threw 2 TD and 9 INT in the Jets last 3 games. The Crennelephant went 10-6 last year against a weak ass schedule and you got 3 Monday Night Football Games. Mangini coached under Bellichik when he was with the Browns back in the day so he understands the misery that is Cleveland Browns football. And, unlike the Crennelephant, Mangini doesn’t put up with any shit from anyone. Mangini is the one who called out the immortal Belichik on SpyGate and Mangini called out 103 year old Brett Favre this year for throwing check downs and screen passes to the wrong team. The Crennelephant on the other hand let his players do whatever they pleased and turned your team into the most unwatchable NFL team of the 2008 season. If you are reading this (of course you are) please hire Eric Mangini.

p.s. If you decide to hire Kirk Ferentz as the next coach of the Browns, I will pick a team from the NFC to root for in 2009.

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