Ever Played Quarterback Before? GREAT!

How bad has it gotten for the football program at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio? How about bad enough to recruit potential quarterbacks by running an ad in the school newspaper? I think they have just about reached their melting point. The year, like so many, started out with high hope for the Zips, but started going downhill after the first game. The Zip’s 3rd year starting quarterback, Chris Jacquemain was suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team policy. Afterwards, sophmore Matt Rodgers took over the reigns only to suffer an ACL tear on October 10th. This now leaves the offense in the hands of freshman Patrick Nicely. His backups are fellow freshman Jared Wackerly and Student Coach Tim Zetts. Zetts played for the Zip’s in 2005 before transferring to Saginaw Valley State. He was injuried at SVS has one semester remaining on his eligibilty. Finally, it was reported yesterday that senior reciever Deryn Bowser would be out with a broken leg and sophomore linebacker Aaron Williams would be out with a broken arm. Both are out for the season. All in all Akron is missing 13 scholarship players for the season. This is a nightmare if you are a fan of the Zip’s, it is even more of a nightmare if you play for them. But don’t fret too long fans, basketball season is just around the corner and you have yourself a top 50 team…

Student Coach / QB Tim Zetts

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