Golfing Gizmos To Boost Your Game

Golf is one of the few sports where you don’t have to be playing with others to be in competition with someone. That is because most golfers just want to improve their own game. They want to knock their handicap rating down as low as possible. Well, just like every other part of life these days, technology has completely revolutionized the golfing game.

There are so many bits and bobs out there that can help you improve your game. From sensors to clubs to wearable gadgets and apps, the industry is saturated with tech that could enhance your game better than four-weeks with the local pro.

It’s All In The Drive

Given that a great round tends to be determined by how good your drive is on the day, it makes sense to start with tech that will improve this part of your game no end. That’s where the Arccos Driver comes in handy. What is so genius about this is the fact it screws into the butt-end of your club so that it won’t affect your weight or swing. It will then provide you with comprehensive data regarding your driving distance and accuracy, all of which can be viewed on your smartphone. Easy.

Accuracy Is The Key

Sure, you could get yourself a GPS watch that tells you roughly how far it is to the pin and the fact there is a bunker somewhere nearby, but why not go with a Bushnell rangefinder and no exactly what is out there. This is an epic tool, mainly because it uses lasers, and who doesn’t love a laser. This technology will then tell you exactly how far it is to whatever it is you are aiming for, allowing you to select the perfect club for that shot. Oh, and it has the ability to read the slope and tell you everything you need to know about which way your ball is going to roll.

Sack your Caddie Right Now

Smartphones wouldn’t be smart if they didn’t cater for everyone. Well, they do, thanks to the impossibly large library of apps out there. That is where the Golf GPS Caddie app comes in. It turns your iPhone into a caddy, an amazing caddy, a caddy that will be able to keep your score and tell you everything you need to know about the golf course you are on. The nuances of a course, well, they may be more accurate coming from a local caddy, but will a local caddy fit in your pocket, that’s the question.

Watches Don’t Just Tell The Time

There was a time where watches were analog and only told you the time. Now they can tell you what hazards are in the nearby vicinity and roughly how far you are from these hazards, at least the Garmin Approach S6 does. But that’s not all because it also tracks basic data about your swing tempo and strength that you can then scrutinize to your heart’s content. I bet your partner can’t wait for you to get back from the course, only to start studying your performance on that course.

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