How Are Carp Bred?

Carp fish found in farms are in many ways quite different from regular carp that are found in the waters across the world. In fact, carp that have been bred in farms and fisheries are actually far superior for many reasons. In this article, the science behind fish and carp farming will be explained in Layman’s terms so that you too will know the benefits of buying farm carp as opposed to the other types. Within minutes, you’ll realize why farmed carp for sale is in such high demand. So, let’s get started…

The Science Behind Carp Fish Farming

You may have read about fish farms and fisheries, and you may know what they’re all about, but do you know about the intricacies behind carp fish farming? The science behind farming carp can be quite confusing to those that don’t have the first-hand experience in the area. Carp fishing is certainly popular today, and places like All Fishing Gear have everything you need, but what goes on behind the scenes?

It all begins with the location, which is typically a pond, river, or lake big enough for many carp to be able to live and thrive in. If the farmers use what’s known as ‘the traditional method’, the fish are fed on natural feed, and the production process is slow. If the semi-intensive method is used, then the pond is prepared with scientific rules in mind. They use fertilizer and add supplementary feed regularly, farming more fish in a smaller area. 

Then there’s what’s called the ‘intensive method’ in which high-quality feed and fertilizer is used for fish farming in high density. Many different types of technology are used so that the best possible outcome for the carp is achieved. So, all in all, carp farming is based on the intensity of feed, fertilizer, and technology all used in combination together. Though more natural elements such as the weather do have a huge impact on stocking carp as well. During the summer period, the heat helps the water get warmer, which subsequently boosts the chance of exponential fish growth. 

Are The Carp From Carp Breeders Better Than The Regular Carp?

Some people may instantly think that farmed carp are inferior in comparison to carp that have bred naturally – though this isn’t necessarily the case. After numerous studies, observances, and scientific findings, it’s been recorded that bred carp are actually superior in many ways. 

Firstly, and most importantly, they have a good disease resistance. This means that their immune systems are much better due to their healthier lifestyle, therefore, prolonging their life expectancy. Secondly, carp that have been bred domestically increase in weight quickly and grow extremely fast. This has numerous commercial advantages. Whether the carp are being used as a food source or to stock lakes and ponds for anglers, the heavier weight and enlarged size ensures that the carp are extremely good quality. After all, it is going to be your reputation that is on the line. Last but by no means least, the third reason why domestic carp from carp breeders are better is that this method ensures sustainability of the breed and that they won’t die out, like so many other fish breeds have done. All in all, it’s safe to say that farmed carp are indeed better than the regular carp that have occurred without the aid of human beings. If you’re looking to buy a batch of carp, for whatever your needs may be, then there’s a southern carp farm that can provide you with the cream of the crop.

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