Just Add Water! Pump Up Your Exercise Routine with H2O

Water can help you get the attractive body you’ve been after all these years. I’m not just talking about the nutrients and hydration that water provides upon consumption. I’m talking about exercise, here.

This is because water is absolutely amazing when it comes to exercise. And I’m not just talking about your need to drink it so you can stay hydrated and exercise for longer. I’m talking about actually exercising in it. Which you might say is just a fancy way of saying “going swimming”. After all, there are loads of kinds of exercises you can do in water than don’t just fall under the umbrella of “swimming”.

Here’s why water is so great for exercise.


Fewer injuries

A body of water is pretty heavy, so your muscles get quite the workout when you work against it. In fact, exercise in water can have effects similar to those of using weights. But water is, of course, much more gentle than things like dumbbells and barbells. This can give you a long and solid workout while reducing your chances of straining and injuring yourself. People who are recovering from an injury or suffer from joint problems can also benefit from exercising in water because of this.


People forget how important a bout of relaxation can be after heavy exercise. One of the best things about exercising in water? Once you need a break, you can simply “let go” and float around. No need to worry about having to find a bench to sit on while you catch your breath! The warmth of your average body of water can also help relax you and your muscles. Speaking of which…


Regulating temperature

One of the things that a lot of people hate about exercise is, well, how hot it can get you. The heat and the resultant sweat can make some people feel great. But most people just start feeling uncomfortable and cut the whole thing off. But even those who enjoy that heat are being hindered in their exercise by how warm they’re getting. When you’re in water, of course, your temperature is much easier to regulate. You can cool right back down almost straight away. The warmth of water can also help you deal with cold – a known exercise problem in these winter months!


Exercising in water is definitely one of the most fun ways to exercise. There’s so much you can do with this sort of activity. Swimming and water games, of course, can make for excellent group activities. (Regular exercise rarely fits this description!) In general, it’s a really good way to add some variety into your regular exercise schedule. You can look into some water sports accessories if you ever feel like you need something new to spice up the routine.


Better circulation

The better your circulation, the more effective our exercise is going to be. Exercising in warm water allows your vessel to dilate, which improves the flow of blood around your body. This is one of the reasons that water aerobics are known to be so effective. (And no, water aerobics aren’t just for old people!) It definitely rivals the benefits of cycling.

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