LeBron James Dives Into Crowd, Crushes Jason Day’s Wife Ellie Harvey

Toward the end of the fourth quarter on Thursday night, Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James dove for a ball heading out of bounds. The ball ended up in the hand of the Oklahoma City Thunder and a bucket for the bad guys, but more concern was back court side.

When LeBron James dove for the ball he absolutely crushed a woman sitting court side who didn’t have time to brace herself. The woman turned out to be professional golfer Jason Day’s wife, Ellie Harvey.


Time was called while medics attended to Harvey, who was awake and corresponding. They ended up putting her on a gurney and taking her out of the arena for further medical attention.

Hopefully they took her out as a precaution and everything is OK. Apparently, their kids may have been in attendance too, which had to be awful for them to see.


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