Offical 2015 Pro Bowl Rosters Released

Tonight in Arizona, the now Annual Pro Bowl draft was held on NFL Network where they announced the 2015 Pro Bowl rosters. Hall of Fame wide receives Cris Carter and Michael Irvin were the captains and picked each team along with team captains (JJ Watt and Antonio Brown for team Carter and Demarco Murray and Joe Haden for team Irvin). The format of drafting players now has taken over for the stale old formula of having players automatically separated by which conference they play in.

The Roster Breakdowns for each team are as follows:

  • Offense: 3QB, 3RB, 1FB, 4WR, 2TE, 8 OL
  • Defense: 3DE, 3DT, 5 LB, 4CB, 3S
  • Special Teams: 1K, 1P, 1RET, 1 Special Teamer

The NFL Pro Bowl will air Sunday night 8PM est on ESPN, with their Monday Night Football Crew, Mike Torico and John Gruden, calling the game.

The Pro Bowl Rosters:

Team Carter                                                                 Team Irvin

QB                                                                                         QB

1 A. Luck (Colts)                                                                  1 T. Romo (Cowboys)

2 D. Brees (Saints)                                                              2 M. Stafford (Lions)

3 A. Dalton (Bengals)                                                          3 M. Ryan (Falcons)

RB                                                                                           RB

1  J. Charles (Chiefs)                                                            1 D. Murray (Cowboys)

2 J. Forsett (Ravens)                                                            2 M. Ingram (Saints)

3 A. Morris (Redskins)                                                         3 CJ Anderson (Broncos)

FB                                                                                            FB

1 J. Kuhn (Packers)                                                               1 M. Reece (Raiders)

WR                                                                                            WR

1 A. Brown (Steelers)                                                           1 O. Beckham (Giants)

2 AJ Green (Bengals)                                                           2 R. Cobb (Packers)

3 TY Hilton (Colts)                                                                3 E. Sanders (Broncos)

4 J. Nelson (Packers)                                                            4 G. Tate (Lions)

TE                                                                                              TE

1 M. Bennett (Bears)                                                               1 J. Graham (Saints)

2 G. Olsen (Panthers)                                                             2 J. Witten (Cowboys)

OT                                                                                              OT

1 J. Staley (49ers)                                                                     1 T. Smith (Cowboys)

2 D. Brown (Texans)                                                                2 J. Thomas (Browns)

3 R. Clady (Broncos)                                                                3 T. Williams (Redskins)

OG                                                                                              OG

1 M. Pouncey (Dolphins)                                                         1  Z. Martin (Cowboys)

2 J. Sitton (Packers)                                                                 2  M. Yanda (Ravens)

3 E. Mathis (Eagles)                                                                 3 K. Long (Bears)

OC                                                                                               OC

1 M. Pouncey (Steelers)                                                           1 T. Frederick (Cowboys)

2 J. Kelce (Eagles)                                                                     2 N. Mangold (Jets)


DE                                                                                                DE

1 JJ Watt (Texans)                                                                     1 C. Wake (Dolphins)

2 M. Williams (Bills)                                                                 2 R. Quinn (Rams)

3 C. Campbell (Cardinals)                                                        3 D. Ware (Broncos)

DT                                                                                                DT

1 M. Dareus (Bills)                                                                     1 A. Donald (Rams)

2 K. Williams (Bills)                                                                  2 S. Richardson (Jets)

3 D. Poe (Chiefs)                                                                        3 G. Atkins (Bengals)

OLB                                                                                             OLB

1 J. Houston (Chiefs)                                                                1 V. Miller (Broncos)

2 C. Barwin (Eagles)                                                                 2 C. Matthews (Packers)

3 T. Hali (Chiefs)                                                                       3 E. Dumervil (Ravens)

ILB                                                                                              ILB

1 CJ Mosley (Ravens)                                                                1 L. Kuechly (Panthers)

2 L. Timmons (Steelers)                                                            2 D. Jackson (Colts)

CB                                                                                                 CB

1 P. Peterson (Cardinals)                                                          1 J. Haden (Browns)

2 A. Talib (Broncos)                                                                   2 V. Davis (Colts)

3 A. Cromartie (Cardinals)                                                       3 B. Grimes (Dolphins)

4 S. Shields (Packers)                                                                4 C. Harris (Broncos)

S                                                                                                     S

1 D. Whitner (Browns)                                                               1 TJ Ward (Broncos)

2 G. Quin (Lions)                                                                         2 E. Weddle (Chargers)

3 A. Bethea (49ers)                                                                      3 M. Adams (Colts)

K                                                                                                      K

1  C. Parkay (Eagles)                                                                    1 A. Vinateri (Colts)

P                                                                                                        P

1 P. McAfee (Colts)                                                                        1 K. Huber (Bengals)

RET                                                                                                  RET

1 D. Hester (Falcons)                                                                     1 D. Sproles (Eagles)

ST                                                                                                      ST

1   J. Bethel (Cardinals)                                                                 1 D. Stuckey (Chargers)

Coach: J. Harbaugh (Ravens)                                                     Coach: J. Garrett (Cowboys)



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