Safely Improving Performance with Anabolic Substances

Officially, steroids are known with the acronym AASs; which stands for anabolic androgenic steroids. These substances are meant to mimic testosterone, being artificial versions of the real thing. It is a necessary intake for people with a depleted level of the hormone. So, they could come as supplements meant to replace depleted stores or to top-up the little natural levels of the hormone. You can read here for more.

Like you may know, testosterone is a trademark of the male body. The regular male has in his body, of this hormone, something between 300 nanograms to 1000 nanograms per dL (deciliter). In male growth, at puberty, this is the hormone responsible for those changes you see and identify as masculine. The deepening of the voice, a hairier body and an increase in the testicles of sperm production are all examples of what the hormone does to the male body.

Testosterone is however not limited to the male body. Female bodies equally produce it, although in much smaller amounts. In a female body, it helps keep the bones strong while also aiding the healthy sexual function of the body.

Steroids’ Benefits

When testosterone is higher than ordinarily required in the body, as when it happens by steroid use, it can be helpful in the creation of proteins that are supportive to:

  • Hair growth
  • Muscle growth
  • Bone density
  • Sexual functions

This is one reason athletes, especially bodybuilders, associate with steroids. Some see a direct relationship between anabolic drugs intake and the increase in muscle growth and strength; that is, the greater the intake the greater the muscle growth and strength. You now know why they are labelled as performance-enhancing. You can learn more about its benefits here:

But why do a lot of people seek performance enhancers even when it is suggested that they could be harmful. They are of course not always harmful, especially when used sensibly. Mind you, these substances are not restricted to performance enhancing alone; they equally have use in the medical field. Below are some reasons why a lot of people get these substances:

  • Greater body protein production resulting in a greater body mass; somewhere between 4-5 ponds and 11 pounds.
  • A general lowering of your body’s fat percentage.
  • A boost in endurance and muscle strength.
  • Increase in bone density.
  • An increase in the production of red-blood cells.
  • Achieving better performance in sports having to do with strength, like weightlifting.
  • Achieving muscle mass growth by a mélange of steroids, insulin and growth hormones.
  • Maintaining or restoring your muscles when battling with illnesses like cancer, liver disease or any other illness that brings about muscle wastage.

Be Mindful Of Side Effects

Anabolic steroids when used in little doses, and for short time, do not have a high risk of harmful or long-term effects; especially when done under the auspices of a doctor. There are many factors that influences how steroids affect you, and genes are part of them. You should also look out for the ratio of anabolic components of your drug to its androgenic components.

As the anabolic components are there to help your muscles grow, and the androgenic components on their own boost your male characteristics (like sperm production and hair growth), their ratio can help you know what to expect in the drug.

Regardless of ratio, genes, or any other factor, a use of steroids in high amounts (even within short times) or use for long periods can bring about many side effects which include:

  • An increase in the possibility of heart attack and heart diseases.
  • A tendency for greater aggression and impulsiveness.
  • A likelihood of depression from body dysmorphia (an ill feeling about one’s body).
  • Liver damage.
  • Gynecomastia; that is, the growth of fat tissue in the breasts due to hormone imbalance from taking steroids.
  • Hypogonadism; that is the reduction of naturally produced testosterone in the body, due to the body stopping the production of testosterone having been used to the supply from external substances.
  • The lowering of sperm production resulting in a reduced chance of fathering children.
  • Bringing about male-style baldness, and/or its commencement much earlier than usual.

Side Effects in Women

Side effects are not limited to men. Women equally have side effects from steroids’ use peculiar to them. These include:

  • A deepening of the voice.
  • Shape of the face being changed.
  • Facial hair growth increasing.
  • A much larger than normal growth of the clitoris.
  • Irregular menstrual periods.
  • Shrunken breasts.
  • Inability to conceive.

In Conclusion

Steroids have received much knocks. Are these knocks truly justifiable? They have been subject of much scandals involving sporting leagues and tournaments. They have equally been the theme of so much jokes involving bodybuilders, weightlifters and other users of steroids for performance, with respect to the effects these substances have on them. It may seem, on the first look, that these substances do not come with good reputation.

It should be noted though that when taken under the supervision of a medical personnel, in moderation, these substances are actually safe for use. Like any medical drug can be dangerous when abused, these can equally be dangerous with abuse and misuse. High dosages and long intakes! Read more in this article.

Get your doctor involved before you begin a journey with steroids. It would be his job to use his medical expertise, with your own medical history, to fashion out a routine suitable for you. You get the best results when you have specific recommendation from an expert. It is good to impress people with your bulk. It is however better to stay alive and well after having impressed them.

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