Top Tips For Becoming More Patient Playing Sports

Whether you are new to sports or have enjoyed a lifetime spent out on the field or as part of a team, then you will know how important it is to be patient and make the right decision at an important part of any game. However, how many times have you missed an opportunity just because you were impatient or felt that you let the pressure get to you – meaning that you fail to get the try or goal that your team needed. When it comes to developing your sports techniques, and becoming an improved player over time, then it is vital that you learn your limits when it comes to staying calm and becoming more patient while playing sports.


Even if you are under intense pressure while out on the pitch, it is crucial that you remain calm and relaxed – even if you feel like the stress will affect your performance. Take time to work out which triggers cause you to freak out, lose concentration; is it when you focus too much on the crowd cheering you on, or perhaps it is if you maintain eye contact with your coach? Once you have worked out which factors negatively impact your performance, it is time to let them fall by the wayside and instead concentrate on your breathing and maintaining a neutral and calm mindset. Make sure that you know what makes you impatient, and try to work out how to stop these before you let your nerves get the better of you.

Eyes on the prize

Most sportsmen will comment that letting their mind wander and failing to focus on the prize, or their ultimate goal, causes them to slip up. So once you have a focused and calm mindset, you can start to channel your energy towards your end goal. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger or become a better and more focused individual, these can all help you to channel any negative energy towards a long-term positive. Make sure that you remain patient, and you will find it a lot easier to become focused.

Use external influences

If you want to become more patient in sports, then you will need to make sure that you give all aspects of your life the attention that they need – so that you can begin to work on your overall behavior and stresses. Begin by visiting an Escape Room, so that you can see how you work under time pressure. Check out Evansville Escape Room for more information about the games and puzzles you may have to solve. You could also begin to explore Mindfulness and Yoga that will enable your entire body to relax so that you can channel positive thoughts.

If you are looking to become more patient both on the pitch and in your personal life, then make sure that you take time to relax. Try and keep your eyes on your long-term prize, and finally use external influences and hobbies to identify your triggers and help you to become more patient.

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