What are the Best Esports Tournaments?

Even though Esports is popular with people all over the world, it is still an unknown area for most, especially if you have never tried your hand at some of the best games on the market before. Whilst some of you will know that gaming sites like VamosGG have provided a gateway into the online gaming industry, others simply won’t know where to start.

So, does that mean many people all over the world have yet to hear about Esports tournaments, and how they can completely transform lives? If you are one of those people, reading this informative article is something that you should do, as it lists some of the most amazing Esports tournaments in the world.

Fortnite World Cup

If you haven’t had the chance to try Fortnite yet, you will have undoubtedly heard about some of the dances that are involved in the game, such as flossing. To some people, learning the dance crazes is enough to get them involved in the game, and what better way to do this than by attending one of the biggest Fortnite tournaments in the world, the Fortnite World Cup. It incorporates the modes within the game where players must battle it out among each other to look for weapons, armour, and healing items, all by avoiding subsequent attacks from others at the tournament to be the last man, or team, standing.

In the 2019 tournament, 16-year-old Bugha, took home the crown. He also took home the $3 million cash prize. It is not as easy as most people think though, as there are many rounds that a player must go through first before even guaranteeing a spot in the final. So, if you play your cards right, you could be following in the teenager’s footsteps very soon.

League of Legends World Championship

Currently, League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the gaming world, with millions of users playing the game. Due to its popularity, it only seemed fitting to create a tournament that allowed the best gamers to congregate in one venue and battle it out for the top prize. Combining all the gameplays into one massive competition will ultimately decide who should walk away with the Summoner’s Cup, as well as the $10 million prize.

This is unlike any other tournament. Alongside being the go-to place for gamers to compete with individuals and teams from all over the world, the overall competition is also very ceremonial in its performances, as well as having a dramatic and emotional nature. This can be unusual to see in gaming tournaments, but in fact, it is what draws people to the tournament in the first place. The most successful team in the history of the League of Legends World Championship is South Korea’s T1, having won three overall world championships since it was founded in 2011.

Evolution Championship Series

The Evolution Championship Series, or EVO for short, was founded in 1996 and was commonly known as the Battle by the Bay, until its name change in 2002. Put simply, this tournament is an esports event that happens annually and is centred around the many different fighting games within the industry like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Super Smash Bros. Though competitors from all over the world can participate, most come from Japan and they use the double-elimination format to determine the winner.

EVO is the longest-running fighting tournament and shows no sign of slowing down, with millions of competitors still making the journey to compete and come home with first prize.

The International

Upon its establishment in 2011, The International is an esports world championship tournament that invites gamers to play the popular video game Dota 2 to win the exceptional cash price of more than 34 million dollars, as well as receiving the Aegis of Champions trophy. 12 of the 18 competing teams received automatic qualification to the tournament by taking part in the Dota Pro Circuit, with the remaining six winning regional qualifiers. These teams come from North and South America, Southeast Asia, China, Europe, as well as the CIS regions.

The only team to win The International more than once is OG. They are also the reigning champions.

FIFAe World Cup

Due to the popularity that football has gained from around the world, the FIFAe World Cup is a highly anticipated tournament. Players are required to compete in the games formed by the FIFA association football series in a bid to qualify and become the best player in the world. Due to the open format of qualifying the tournament has, it has been recognized as the largest online esports game by the Guinness World Records. Mohammed Harkous is the most recent champion – the first PS4 player to win since 2015.

Have you played in any of these tournaments? If not, have you been persuaded to do so now? We would love to know. So, get in touch.

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