What Can You Do With Your Masters In Sports?

Are you the kind of person who simply can’t conceive a day without sports, whether it is practicing or reading about your favorite team? Thankfully, society has evolved over the past century so that sports can now offer respectable professional positions in a variety of sectors. One hundred years ago, your ancestors would have considered sports a simple game. Even though there were already athletes, most of them had a real career outside of sports. Nowadays you can make sports your career, and you can even get academic qualifications for it. So here is the big question about sports: What can you actually do with a sports degree?

Different Sports-Related Education Paths

For a start, let’s get things right: There are a million of different sports degrees, from renowned online Masters in Athletic Training to medical physiotherapist qualifications. You can’t just pick a degree and hope for the best. You need to have an idea of where your strengths and interests are. If you are more interested in historical data, you should have a look for a degree in sports journalism. If you are keen to work athletes, the Masters in Athletic Training is the perfect fit for you. But if you are looking for personal coaching options, you may not even need an academic degree but only a professional certification for the fitness industry. In other words, know where you want to go to find out the best-suited certification.

Become A Personal Fitness Coach

Personal fitness coach is one of the trendiest roles on the market. The reason for it is simple: As more and more people are trying to get fit and healthy, they need the support of a professional coach who understands how the body works and how to tone it. It’s a very involving job, as you’ll be likely to work on a one-to-one basis with clients who are trying to lose weight or to shape their body. Some of them may not start their fitness journey with a strong body or a healthy lifestyle. So it is your role to teach them the good from the bad habits and to keep them motivated along the way.

Become A P.E. Trainer

Training students or young athletes to master their activity is a highly challenging and rewarding role. Whether you work with teams or with single athletes – depending on the kind of sports that you choose – you will discover that your role involves as much sports knowledge as psychological thinking. You are the confident, the friend, the motivator, and the physio expert. You need to help your students to improve their performance safely and permanently. For big events, you might find yourself training the same student over a period of several months to years. But you’ll love the thrill of competitions and the taste of victory.

Become A Physiotherapist

The physiotherapist is a specialist of the anatomy and more exactly the art of recovering from an injury. As part of your role, you need to help patients develop strength and flexibility in specific muscle groups so that they can follow a healthy and sturdy recovery path after an illness or an injury. A typical physiotherapy session focuses on stretching and exercising targeting muscles. Don’t get it confused with a massage therapy! You are there to help people to rebuild their muscles and to overcome the pain. You will work with a variety of people; some might be injured athletes and others elderly people struggling with arthritis. Consequently, you need to understand the anatomy to provide the best possible service.

Become A Professional Commentator

Sportscasting might sound like a dream job, but it requires a solid knowledge of the game and the players, as well as good analytic skills to provide a useful and valuable commentary. It comes as no surprise that most commentators are retired professional athletes, as they’ve developed an in-depth understanding of their sports. However, journalists can also break into this field, as they collect specific sports knowledge and build credibility. It’s a constantly evolving field that welcomes new players regularly. But if you are an avid sports watcher, you’ll enjoy sitting in the commentator’s box of live matches and competitions.

Build A Sport Business

Sports can also be a brilliant business idea. There are plenty of sport-related businesses that are showing positive signs of growth all around the market. Fitness trackers are a fantastic gadget that can be combined with a tailored digital coaching service to help fitness addicts improve their performance. You can also look at the possibility to start a sports gear retail business, especially if you offer additional services such as membership advantages or family discounts.

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