What Is The Role Of A Physical Therapist?

We are built to move. We also love exercise because it’s what we were made to do. However, after a while, we all experience some sort of injury from it. It’s a part of the process, and it’s a part of our growth. Maybe you will try to lift something heavy when you are not ready for it. Perhaps it will be a sprained ankle during a run. Sometimes, it can even be a problem that you’ve had for years, but has resurfaced again.

For all of these things, you need to pay close attention. It’s your body, and you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s crucial to keep it moving as it should and to keep it as healthy as it can be. Physical therapists are people that deal with injuries and problems with movement. They are experts in that area who have a lot of knowledge. Click here to read more.

Some people may be skeptical at first, but the whole field is hugely regulated. Now, all new physical therapists need to have a doctorate. That’s a bachelor’s degree, plus a three-year doctorate. That makes them on par with doctors, and in most cases, doctors will recommend a PT. They know their stuff, and they do a lot to help you.

What do they do?

Most people go to a medical professional like a physical therapist to recover from an injury. Every injury is different in its way because everybody is different. As soon as you step in the office, they will perform a complete examination of a person’s body, as well as deduce how agile you are. They will also test the strength of your muscles. This will aid them in developing a plan for you, and a specific time for your recovery.

Often, these timelines range from about six to twelve weeks. Every week, your progress will be measured. If there is stagnation or no improvement in your treatment, they will analyze it and make you try something new. This includes different techniques that will be tailored to fit your problem.

An excellent tip to have in mind is to look for an expert who has a lot of experience with your specific problem. A good example is Liberty Physical Therapy. PTs are also into sports themselves. So, if you experienced an injury while running, you can go to an expert who deals with running problems. Maybe they are a runner as well. This will help you relate to one another, and you will be in better hands.

Of course, going to therapy isn’t just them helping you for one hour each week. You should be listening to their advice and do what they tell you. This is an expert that you can trust. If they ask you to stretch every day, then you need to stretch every day. You can’t expect to recover if you are not doing your part to heal your body.

You can think of this as homework. Each week you will have a set of exercises and stretches that you need to do to feel better. It may involve a bit of pain, but that’s normal in your recovery period. Remember not to go too hard, because you can’t rush a recovery period. Think of it like this, they will do their part of your recovery, and the rest is all up to you.

Should you see a physical therapist if you are not injured?

Ultimately, PTs are experts in movement. If you work out on a regular basis, and you hit the gym hard, it’s beneficial to you to visit them once in a while. Sometimes, there is an injury waiting to happen, and it’s much better to prevent it rather than healing it. Maybe you need to do more specific exercises because you have a few muscle imbalances. Here is some more info: http://www.kumc.edu/school-of-health-professions/physical-therapy-and-rehabilitation-science/what-is-a-physical-therapist.html

Most of the time, your body will be tight because we are all used to sitting down. After that, we go to the gym for an hour and think that’s what keeps us healthy. However, a PT will tell you precisely what you need to do to keep your body in peak shape.

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