What to Expect From the Upcoming NBA Season

The negotiations about the upcoming NBA season have been heated in the last couple of weeks, as previously pushed start dates have been pushed even further. The 2020 NBA Draft, the beginning of the regular 2020/2021 season, and the start of the free agency have all been delayed. For now, there is no a set date for the start of the regular season, as both the NBA and players are negotiating and contemplating, but it’s unlikely the events will start before Christmas Day — except for the Draft date, which is known and set for November 18.

What Happens During Delays?

As these important decisions are being made, the league has enough time for calculations and virtual combinations, while the teams have another two months to gather additional essential information about the draft class. 

Things change quickly in basketball, so the additional time to think over their decisions will prove to be beneficial. The teams had six months (from March to September) to make responsible and smart decisions regarding their draft picks, but now that could all change, as they have more time on their hands.

There is still no official date for the start of the free agency that was supposed to begin on October 19. With the free agency date hanging in the air, we could witness a lot of unexpected transfers and purchases by the end of the year.

If you’re not an avid NBA fan, you are probably wondering — how do NBA playoffs work? As you’re figuring it out, you’ll be ready to closely follow the regular NBA season as soon as it starts.

Draft Picks That Might Surprise Us

On the other hand, if you have been paying attention to this year’s NBA events, you’re probably intrigued by the second draft pick. The first pick went to Minnesota Timberwolves after winning the 2020 Draft lottery, and the second pick went to the Golden State Warriors, as decided in August’s draft lottery. The third, fourth, and fifth picks went to the Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls, and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively.

But why is the second pick interesting? Well, the Warriors hold the league’s worst record from last season with 50 lost games and only 15 wins. The Warrior’s draft picks are bound to be action-packed, as they’re looking for a player that will prove to be the best addition to their mismatched team.

Accordingly, there have been a lot of mock drafts and projections for the upcoming November 18 Draft. Many believe that Anthony Edwards will be picked by Timberwolves, while some find him to be a perfect match for the Warriors. Other top picks could include LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman, Deni Avdija, and Isaac Okoro.

What’s Next?

As playoffs are currently in session, fans have the whole month of September and the first half of October (until October 13) to cheer for their favourites. The playoffs are played in the NBA Bubble with 22 teams playing eight games each. The teams’ records determine the seedings, meaning the first eight teams (from both Eastern and Western conferences) with the most wins will qualify for the playoffs. From there, the regular NBA’s playoff format is applicable.

The only reason the NBA could be delayed even further is the desire to get fans back into arenas. Although the decision would prove to be frustrating for many fans, it’s something that the league might consider, as a lot of money is coming in from ticket sales. 

It’s unlikely that these events will be pushed past the holidays, as it would only cause more trouble for both players and the league. Ultimately, it’s up to the Board of Governors to decide.

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