3 Signs That Your Kid is an iPad Addict – Making Physical Activity Fun Again

Since the introduction of Apple’s iPad in 2010, children are no longer interested in doing what they once loved to do. You no longer see bicycles on the street, kids playing football or catch in the yard. The streets have gone eerily bare as kids have become slaves to their technologies . . . mainly to their iPads.

There was a time when kids used to love joining after-school activities, but today, they are nothing but zombies. Whose problem is this? We cannot blame parents without blaming technology. For a ten-year-old, who has just started developing mood swings, being social is not top priority. They would rather sit in their room and play games on their iPad all day long.

Here are 3 signs that your kid is becoming an iPad addict and how setting rules can make them interested in physical activities:

Constantly Talking About Technology and Games

If all your kid’s interested in the new gadget that’s coming out or the game he/she just finished, your kid has an addiction.

·  Solution

A great way to take them away from these mind numbing games is to limit their mobile usage. They say, ‘Practice what you preach”. So, how can you set an example if your kids see you 24/7 on the mobile?

Take them to a cinema or get them enrolled to into a sports academy such as justfootballacademy.com.au. This will make them mentally and physically fit and reduce any chances of them feeling insecure about themselves and their career.

No Interest in Any Kind of Physical Activity

When family fun is no longer appealing to them, you need to pay extra attention to what’s taking them away.

·  Solution

To direct them back to what they once used to love doing like dancing, drawing, painting or playing football, limit their on screen time. This includes TV and all devices. You can set aside a small portion of the day, only on weekends for digital games. Other than that, create strict rules and consequences.

Their free time will give them the chance to get creative. You can give them the opportunity to ride on toys and do the same to explore the world with them. Contrary to popular belief, boredom gives kids the opportunity to think harder to occupy their time.

Increase in Devious Behavior

When they start lying, you know they are having mood swings. They “will” start hiding things from you and get into trouble. The thing about setting rules is that you need to be firm and non-negotiable.

·  Solution

Spend more time with them and try to connect with them. Make them understand that playing on their iPad is not the only fun-filled activity. This will help them to be more open and they will share their problems with you. They will understand the importance of becoming independent and begin at an early age.

For all those parents who think that iPad gives children the benefit of playing intellectual games, do not realize that the on-screen time is greater than the physical activity, which will cause problems in the future such as obesity, laziness and them giving up on their dreams too soon.




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