Thunder Treats Found The Most Beautiful Women In Poker

It is hard enough to keep a poker face while playing poker but keeping your head in the game against these women would be almost impossible. We take a look at four of the most beautiful woman in Poker.

Kara Scott

This Canadian beauty was born in Alberta and has earned well over $550,000 in winnings at live tournaments. She started out as the host for “High Stakes Backgammon” and later moved on to become one of the hosts of “Poker Night Live”. She became a regular writer for “Poker Player Magazine” and  “Flush” magazine. In 2008 she entered the World Series of Poker Main Event (WSOP) and finished in the top 150 and earning her a nice $41 000. She came second in the 2009 Irish Open and won the PartyPoker Sports Star Challenge in 2008. She later joined PartyPoker’s Team Party where she continued to her career in TV presenter. In 2015 she left the company of Team party to work as brand ambassador for Tilt Events.



Lauren Kling

Known online as “locoenlacabeza” on Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars  and as “supermodl” on Absolute Poker. Lauren has all the right ingredients to make any man’s knees weak. She resides in Las Vegas and has been black jack from an early age. Having studied Business and Engineering at Berkley, she has brains and the beauty to take on any man on the poker table. It was at Berkley where she started playing poker with friends and from there became a force to be reckoned with. She has made over $450,000 at the poker table.



Tatjana Pasalic

Tatjana is the first European player on our list. Tatjana was born in Bosnia and moved to Denmark at the age of 19, where she became interested in online poker. She is an active blogger in the poker community and created an online poker forum. She has been on the cover of BLUFF, FHM and KLIK magazine. She is rated as the one of the sexiest pokers on earth. She is famous for wearing a Cat Suit to the Main Event at WSOP after losing a bet to her boyfriend. She is currently a sideline reporter with the World Series of Poker Live Stream Team.



Liv Boeree

Liv was born in England and is ranked the number one female player in the world according to the Global Poker Index for 2015. She sits at number six on the list of all time live poker winnings with live tournament winnings of over $2,900,000. She has a number of titles under her belt including the EPT title raking in an astonishing €1,250,000. She has appeared and hosted many television shows. She has modeled Maxim magazine and appeared in a three page feature for Loaded Magazine.


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