Why Fishing Is An Ideal Hobby For Women

Some areas of life, hobbies and entertainment are, for one reason or none, considered to be either exclusively or majoritatively “male” or “female”. In some cases, there may be a perfectly good explanation for why one sex predominates, while in others the only obvious explanation is “it’s always been that way”. As an example of the latter, let’s look at fishing. There is nothing about the process or the experience that means women need be excluded – but somehow, it’s seen as a male pursuit.

There are plenty of advantages to taking up fishing, and these are benefits that will be welcomed as fully by any woman as they would be by men. Below we will go into some of the reasons why, if you’re one of the countless numbers of women who have been put off this hobby by the impression that it’s “not for girls”, you should reconsider that and get involved in an enjoyable pursuit.

It’s a relaxing hobby

The pleasure of fishing as a hobby is that it doesn’t require a great deal of intense activity; you can get out into the open water and simply while away a few hours waiting for a bite. Some fishers will take a book with them, lifting their gaze from the page only when they feel that tell-tale tensing of the rod that means there’s a catch to reel in. Does any of this sound overwhelmingly masculine to you? 

It’s highly cerebral

Fishing can be as simple as you want it to be. For some, this involves casting your line out as far as possible and then waiting to see what follows. For others, there can be a lot of joy in experimenting with the equipment and the techniques that you use. Different fish will react to different baits, and sea fishing is markedly different to freshwater angling. After a while, you’ll commit yourself to find fly fishing flies that you know will get a bite in the specific place you like to go fish, and you’ll suddenly realize that this is an absorbing, intellectual pursuit.

It’s self-sufficient

It’s on all of us to keep down our carbon footprints in a world where sustainable sourcing is increasingly important. While gardening and growing your own veg is a part of this process, it’s also helpful if you can catch your own fish. As well as being lower in fat than most meats, fish are also an excellent source of vital Omega oils that contribute to brain health; if you can catch your own then you’ll save money as well as assisting the environment.

It requires a lot of patience

One word of warning; you can’t expect to go fishing and instantly be reeling in large catches even if you’ve researched where to find the best catches and got all the best equipment. The process of fishing requires you to be patient and able to switch off while you wait for things to happen. This is a quality most women can surely identify with, and it’s part of the reason why some of the most successful fishers on the scene right now are women.

Don’t ever be put off the idea of fishing by any claim that it’s a boys’ game – it can be plenty enjoyable for women too.

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