Colin Cowherd Addressed His Exit From ESPN During His Radio Show

Last week, The Big Lead reported that Colin Cowherd would be leaving ESPN after 10-plus years behind the mic. Cowherd was not on his show on Monday or Tuesday this week, but on Wednesday he was back and he opened up by addressing the elephant in the room.

“Yes, I’m leaving ESPN. It’s been unbelievable. I don’t want to get melancholy here, it’s amicable. I’m on the air today talking about. That tells you the relationship I have with this company and with my bosses, who are friends for life.”

Cowherd went on to thank ESPN for taking a chance on him 10 years ago and promised that he would still be delivering his show, both through podcasts and a Sirius XM show. He also mentioned his book that is coming out in the fall. Although he didn’t come out and say he was going to Fox Sports 1, that is the overall belief on the interwebs.

Where ever Cowherd lands, he will bring with him his herd. They have shown to be some of the most passionate listeners in all of talk radio and with the availability of apps, internet radio and satellite radio, it is now easier than ever to listen to his show.



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