Hump Day Hottie: Your Cougar Madness Sexy 16

That’s right. Instead of one Hump Day Hottie this week, we are giving you 16 cougars to gaze upon. And it’s not just 16 random cougars, it’s the 16 cougars that make up your Cougar Madness Sexy 16! The voting is open until Thursday night at 9pm, so go vote for your favorite cougar today!

Big upsets in the making right now are (5) Jenny McCarthy taking down overall #1 seed Penelope Cruz. Judging by the discrepancy, I would say that Jenny Mac fans are pretty loyal. Another 5 seed in Salma Hayek is currently taking down the south region 1 seed Victoria Beckham too! The madness, amiright?

Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and last year’s winner — and potential first time back-to-back winner — Kate Beckinsale have their match ups firmly in tow.

The big question mark, for right now at least, lies with the 11 seed Stacey Dash and 2 seed Sofia Vergara. Last year, Vergara bowed out early as she was paired with Gonzaga. If the voting trends stay the same until Thursday, she will be making another early exit this year.

Below are you Hump Day Hotties! Go vote and get them onto the Erotic 8!

Victoria Beckham, 1 Seed, South Region

Salma Hayek, 5 Seed, South Region

Kate Beckinsale, 1 Seed, West Region

Thandie Newton, 4 Seed, West Region

Heidi Klum, 2 Seed, West Region

Kelly Packard, 6 Seed, West Region

Sofia Vergara, 2 Seed, South Region

Stacey Dash, 11 Seed, South Region

Jennifer Aniston, 3 Seed, Midwest Region

Elizabeth Banks, 7 Seed, Midwest Region

Jennifer Lopez, 3 Seed, East Region

Shannon Elizabeth, 7 Seed, East Region

Penelope Cruz, 1 Seed, Midwest Region

Jenny McCarthy, 5 Seed, Midwest Region

Eva Longoria, 4 Seed, East Region

Gabrielle Union, 8 Seed, East Region

There you have it! Go vote, idiots!

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